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However, MEPs refused to shorten the two-month deadline for the deliberations of the committee. That is why the second reading could first appear after the meeting, which starts on 23 October. The final approval in the House could take place in mid-November, after which the Senate receives a proposal to discuss, and the President will sign the bill.

Unless the law changes, this would mean that the Pirates would raise their salaries by a maximum of one fifth. They call it a shame that they do not want to share. "If the salaries in the country on average increase by about ten percent, it is unacceptable that this is twice as much for politicians", says the president of the pirate Ivan Bartoš.

It is up to the Pirates to place this item on the agenda. They stressed that if the proposal fails the legislative process by the end of the year, the salaries of politicians will automatically rise sharply. They were supported by YES, SPD and KSČM. The other parties abstained.

According to Benda, ODS is populism

Prime Minister Andrei Babiš (ANO) said before Wednesday's cabinet meeting that the proposal had been submitted by the previous one-colored government YES. "My government has suggested this because salaries are not growing at such a pace, we have inherited it, as a parliamentary club we support this, and further salary increases are not appropriate," he said.

The government has already prepared a proposal in April that would have halved growth, but the deputies have not yet done so. According to the opposition, it is the responsibility of YES representatives who have no interest in dealing with the case.

The ODS delegates opposed the proposal. They pointed out that jumping growth is only a consequence of the fact that politicians have frozen the salaries in the past. In 2011-2014, salaries were still the same and did not increase.

MP and chairman of the Constitutional Law Committee, Marek Benda (ODS), proposed to send a proposal back to the government for a reformulation. According to him, populism must vote on such a proposal. The government wanted to return the proposal so that it could otherwise adjust and propose the wages of constitutional actors. He pointed out that the salaries of judges are calculated differently.

Two and a half times the average salary

The wages of politicians depend on the average wage in the non-business sphere. For this year this is 2.5 times this wage, but this coefficient has grown steadily since 2015. The following year and the following years should according to the current law 2.75 times. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has proposed to remain 2.5 times in the future.

The state, with the slower growth of the salaries of constitutional actors, will also save on multipurpose lump sums, which also deviate from the pay base. Restrictions are about to save about one hundred million.

The base salary of the deputy and senator without supplements and repayments is CZK 75,900 this year. The chairman of the committee receives 106,700 crowns, the chairmen of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and the prime minister have 203,600 gross crowns.

If the law did not change and the average wage in the non-business sphere would not change, the basic salary of the ordinary member would only increase on the basis of a higher coefficient of approximately CZK 7,500 per month.

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