Investigation into the Escape of the Biopark The shield of the police has been postponed

"The facts of the crime of general threats or of any other violation were not fulfilled," said the spokesperson. Committing another administrative crime is controlled by the national veterinary administration.

The police said none of the investigations had been proven and thus discovered how the cages were opened. "On the basis of the information found, however, the police commissioner stated that abandoning cages by cats without meeting other conditions did not comply with the facts of the above-mentioned violation," said the spokesperson.

The owner of the bio-park Antonín Hnízdil CTK said that he expected this conclusion of the study. "The cameras were not there, it was difficult to explain something," he said. Nestlé still thinks that the escape of a beast has someone outside the biopark. A technical failure on the cage or the fact that the cage has opened the animal itself has excluded the cause. He also excluded the possibility that escaping the animals could be due to the misbehavior of a bioparc employee.

Veterinarians have previously said that the biopark has not sufficiently protected the cage against escape. According to previous information from Czech television, the owner of the biopark received a fine of CZK 30,000 for not correctly importing the animals to the authorities. Now nestled, ČTK said that he did not receive a fine. The method to keep the bears in the transport cage on the vans was marked as inappropriate by the vet.

Animals fled from the cage on Monday 16 July before 10 am. Veterinarians were able to sleep about 12.30 hours with sinking bullets.

The beasts are scrapped from Berlin and Hnízdil took them to a biopark when they were taken to a new zoo in Istanbul. In addition to two tigers and a lion fleeing from Germany, Hnízdil transported two lionesses and two tigers to Turkey in the biopark, which were dropped off at circuses in France. "Last week, the Environment Ministry issued an export license for two tigers from France and in the near future we need to get export licenses for the rest of the animals," he said. Then it is up to the Turks to handle the import license. The animals must be transported to Turkey by plane. Hnízdil said it could happen by the end of September.

Biopark Shield is characterized as a private facility for the breeding of exotic and domesticated animals that are threatened with extinction. The establishment dates from the middle of 2014. It is located in the village of Klamoš, in the part of Štít, about six kilometers from Chlumec nad Cidlinou. The Biopark breeds lions, tigers, leopards, pumas, monkeys, lemurs, macaques, various bird species, turtles, horses, poultry, goats.

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