It was not a crime. In the case of too expensive scrapers, the verdict was released

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"The court has finally shown that we have gone correctly," said Jan Mika, head of the bank, when leaving the courtroom.

"I did not allow another option right from the start, I'm happy with the decision of the local court, he was the first to fully deal with all the arguments, and both the public prosecutor and the police authority have only considered the argument that this is anyway. could be mentioned, which was only to our detriment, they had to deal with arguments that would play for both parties, "said former deputy governor Libor Joukl.

The lawsuit blamed both men for having signed a contract in 2009 for 28 new scrapers for regional maintenance of roads and maintenance, so that only Iveco cars could comply. At the same time, the charge claimed that men had charged the order too much.

The public prosecutor originally spoke about an amount that amounted to just over 33 million crowns. Later, during the process, he adjusted it and raised about one million. In the final speech he therefore spoke about the fact that Mike and Joukl had caused damage that exceeded 34 million kroner.

For both suspects, the public prosecutor Kamil Špelda proposed unconditional sentences of six to seven years. At the same time he demanded financial fines – for Mika half a million crowns, for Jouka two million crowns.

Hearing the accused was not a crime, the court said

However, the Jihlava court did not identify the prosecutor's conclusions and rejected the two defendants, saying that their act was not a criminal offense.

"It has not been proven that there is any benefit from any brand, the conditions were in line with the law on public procurement," he said in the justification of the verdict of Judge Zdeněk Chalupa.

His opinion was based on the opinion of the Institute of Forensic Engineering at Brno University of Technology. He claimed that the conditions he had established for the roadside could be met by more coaches. Namely manufacturers of MAN and Mercedes Benz. After some adjustments, Tatra and Scania. How difficult would it be if they were technical, temporary or financial, but the experts could not determine it.

The court, on the other hand, did not accept the conclusions of the report, which were processed by the police during the investigation. According to his conclusions, the contract must be overloaded with 33 million crowns. "According to the court, the quantification of the damage is flawed, it only calculates the individual components, it neglects other costs, such as vehicle assembly, transport and the like," explained Chalupa, forbidden to check.

The verdict is not final, the claimant's appeal

Another argument why his conclusions should not be relevant is that Pavel Prokš, who worked on the report, does not have sufficient qualifications. He is an expert in the field of economics and engineering, for example working with agricultural machinery. But he is not a forensic expert in the field of car & # 39; s.

Today's verdict is not final, public prosecutor Spelda appealed. "The court reviewed individual individual evidence and assessed it individually, evaluating it in a comprehensive way, and did not address the fact that any evidence fits into a broader context," Schpelda said.

"If someone goes on as a director one day and starts treating new scrapers the next day, this is the circumstance of something", said the public prosecutor.

In this case, the prosecutor came to the court in Jihlava in early 2015. After the judges dissolved the case, judge Zdeněk Chalupa decided to stop the prosecution. The public prosecutor has filed a complaint against this. The regional court granted him and decided that the court would order the trial, provide evidence and then decide. For the first time, the main proceedings took place in March 2017.

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