Kebab poisoning in Hradec Krlov: meat was contaminated in buildings, tested tests home

HRADEC KRLOV / PRAGUE Kebab, after his consumption in Hradec Krlov in June, had eight-tenths of people, he was infected in a bistro that was sold to him. I will get it from the Krajsk hygiene station. Police pada nadle et.

We have received the results from the Krajsk hygienického station, which has been told that it must infect the meat dolo in the building, the e-mail server speaks the police of krlovhradeck Iva Kormoov.

Those who bear responsibility for the first half of the 77 people who had to go to the hospital are still in the mood, and the majority of those involved are the subjects of another era, she added. A policeman leaves a bag of health food and other negligent things for suspects.

Zkaen jdlo appeared in June in the fast food facility Maxim in the historic center of Hradec Krlov. In the hospital there were two people who had drunk for fast food after two days.

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The operator, who followed the stone trade with his veneration, came out of the window in the street. We have confirmed the confinement of the buildings and our decisions, the opened premises are subject to the approval of the Krajsk hygienic station, said Veronika Krej, the spokesman for the institution.

The cause of the chickens of people from kebab was also attracted by the communist member of parliament Zdek Ondrk. On his Facebook profile he wrote after a mediation of the case that poisoning came from the bistro Krnov Hradec. He asked the question, who put it there and for it.

He came out of the report in rhythm, in which Hradec Krlov Zdenk Tul University Hospital stated that there was a toxin in the mass. Tul went in search of to explain that the poison was poisoned by the poison, but it produces its bacteria. So the meat was not poisoned.

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