Kiska is not the president of the country, against Zeman. Demonstration systems for a hundred dollars at home

PRAGUE President Milo Zeman did not speak during the 50th anniversary of the Soviet occupation because he did not want to join the normalized Communists. In a parliamentary interview, the letters rejected Andrea Kiska as the president of the night, and people demonstrated to the Russian embassy and Radek Vondrk (YES) a banner for the crowd.

Zeman, who refused to give a speech on the third anniversary of the occupation of Eskoslovens by the Warsaw Pact troops, was released with his feelings about Parliamentn Leaves. The Pietna law in eskho radio building is, according to his words, faded because he refused to add a knoralizing communist.

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Naret ml on Sentu Milan tcha (SSD) chairman, who has been a KS since 1978. You must know that these lanes had to approve the Soviet occupation. That is why I did not go to them, he said.

They only spoke with Vondrka because they are YES

The president criticized the breeding of a part of the pious deed that disagreed with the speeches of Prime Minister Babije and the chairman of the deputy of Vondrik Chamber of Deputies. He was not in the communist parties. They just spit because it just moves Yes, that's a pretty bad reason, me Zeman. Unhappy with the crowd of annoyed people.

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While Zeman refused to give any kind of speech, the TV channel did nothing more than his Slovak president Andrej Kiska. In response, nkte et politici called the vice president. Andrej Kiska has long been the function of the president of the night for those of us who were disgusted with the policies of our president, for example the martyr of TOP 09 Market Pekarov Adamov.

With such an impetuous Zeman disagreement, Andrei offered Kiska to pursue the Slovakian policy for the year and not to be the president. But I am willing to let myself be the president of the TOP 09, he read.

Demonstrators by the Russian embassy? Not the USSR

Zeman said in a conversation with the people who had demonstrated for the Russian embassy. This act is irrelevant because the Soviet Union, and not Russia, was the inventor of the invasion. Demonstrators who protested at the Russian embassy did not realize this fact, which is the answer to their equal knowledge, he said.

The miserable act of the 50th Soviet occupation of the Soviet occupation broke out for the eskho radio object in Vrchlabí. They were talking about Andrei Babi, Milan, and Radek Vondrek. Udlost protested against YES long ago.

When Milo Zeman refused to talk, the TV escort in the evening gave a speech by the Slovak president Kiska. That August 1968 was a treasure hunt for treasure and death, and he asked for commemorations to share his experiences with the young generation. He stressed the weakness of Slovakia and the EU in NATO and NATO.

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