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JABLONEC NAD NISOU The departure of a representative from municipal politics usually does not pay much attention to the environment, but this departure is different. Great. At the end of the year, the boss Miroslav Pelta, who was next to his sporting positions, was the strongest player in the town hall in Jablonec nad Nisou. After more than two decades in the council, he decided not to go to court, he did not want to buy his mother's ODS with his criminal case. The colleague's side had left the departure of Pelt with much.

It's me. Peltu vnmm as a patriot of the city and as a hunter who speaks the word. All the things we had agreed upon, Lidovky.cz responded to the winner of the jabloneck prize, Petr Beitl (ODS), who together with Pelta together with the three municipal elections. According to the prime minister, the departure of Pelt has fallen into an unfavorable trend when politicians download people with a wealth of professional and life experience.

Miroslav Pelta is a big audience, as a powerful football function, former editor of Sparta and the Czech Football Association. In addition, she has been a communist in Jablonec nad Nisou for many years, where he has been living in the city council since 1994 and also on the council. His personality, the bag, far exceeded the influence of the deputy and the councilor.

He will not go to his seventh klun about the post of the embassy this fall. He chose to do this because of the manipulation of sports subsidies in the police walls. Other parties would be misled and want to weaken the ODS. That is why I decided not to bother the party, he told Pelt-server Aktuln.cz. I do not want to be the opposition, which would then question the safety of the party, he added.

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Pelta is one of the guilty accused in the case where he started talking about the underground pink dots of the chapter of the Ministry of Cults. For example, the action against the rules has affected the amount of CZK 454 million. Next to Pelty criminologist, the ex-mistress of the ministry of kings, Simona Kratochvlova, former head of the sports department at the same location, Zdek Bzu, as well as the Miroslav Jansta Sports Association.

Because of Pelt's rich political past, the ODS jabloneck met its decision and banal. According to Prime Minister Beitl, the big conversation in the beech failed. Send a questionnaire to the local ODS employee, whether it wants to be implemented. The questionnaire of Mr. Pelt has not been ruined. Of course I talked to him, but he decided that way, he remarked.


For more than twenty-four years in the political plot of Jablonec, Pelta helped with almost all kinds of mishaps, projects and changes in the city. He did not miss the point where the city sold a heat city in 1998 to buy it 15 years later. During Pelta, the ODS jablonek was extraordinarily built at local elections, at all municipal elections, including the last one in 2014, taking a break.

Mr Pelta has voted in the last 8 years to decide whether he wants to buy the city, he said for Lidovky.cz, the ODS, the NMST of the Jablonec youth work and the party of the party to the Milo Many elections, who served eight years in the town hall. Peltv left the ODS in the election of honor. He was a sound representative of the council with a clear idea, which was already far too late in the elections. His voice may be missing in the final, he added.

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Today, at the football club, because of the reason of the footballers of the football association of the association last June, you were not a jablonek community scene that was so active in recent years. He took it so that he could fully fulfill his duties. In 2012 he left the office of the councilor, and in the last election period the committee did not attend the committee either. The only useless driver was the representative.

I am very pleased that Mr Pelta was represented by the ODS, ODS President in the Liberec region, said Dan Ramzer, who shares on Pelt as regional president of regional and regional teams. I met at the level of politics and socialism, he described. The petition of a colleague refuses to comment on her as a non-torture. In Stt, where the accusation is a prime minister, I can say these things absurdly, "said Mayor Beitl.

Pelta Nozzle, his stepfather continues. I like to see some details. There is a need for a company to relax a bit because I know it as a controversial person, he said. However, the ODS may not be touched on the public. ODS has been a member of the ODS since January 1992 and can not sign anything that anyone wants to change, said Vladimír Kord, regional manager of Lidovky.cz.

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