Levice wants free transport in Prague. "Earn night offer trams"

Shortly before the municipal elections, the current municipal coalition of Prague approved reduced rates for elderly aged between 60 and 65 and for students. The new discount coupon comes only for 1280 crowns, while they have already paid 720 crowns in three months. While the right-wing parties do not support this move, Communists and Social Democrats are offering public urban transport (MHD) free for all citizens before the municipal elections.

The approval of higher discounts for seniors and students only after the first advice refused to approve the tariff completely free of charge. This was mainly the initiative of transport advisor Petra Dolinka of the CSSD. The government is still in the city with the JA and the Trojkoalice (Greens, STAN and KDU-ČSL).

While government parties approve this step, such as Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09), who heads the United Force for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN). "Public transport would have missed up to four billion kroner, a drop in money would inevitably lead to a decline in the quality of service," said the chairman of the TOP 09 on his Twitter account.

A similar position is confirmed by the speaker Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS), who is the leader of the public democrats. According to him, he is above all the political gesture before the elections, the consequences of which are not calculated. "We would not do such a thing, not before the elections, it's just a political gesture," Svoboda told Echo24.

"Variants of funding are varied, but need to be carefully considered." It is certainly necessary to assess the sensitivity of the decision. "Seniors now have free rates from age 65 and children younger than age 15. So I see no reasonable reason to change now, "added Freedom. But he refused to say whether ODS would cancel this favor after the elections, with the intention to leave the impact of these discounts first.

Hrebib denounces the Smart City project

The mayor candidate Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) says he would keep the rate as it is. It criticizes the Smart City project. "We are not going to raise the rate for students and seniors, which will come to the municipality for about 200 million kronnes a year – for the so-called Smart City, for example, the city spent $ 686 million in two years, resulting in expensive WiFi Petrin, meaningless solar banks and lamps, this turnover decline of the transport company can be covered very easily so that Prague will not spend the nonsense, and last year the city had a surplus of more than 7 billion kroner.We would therefore consider investing this money in money, "Hibb told the Echo24 daily, adding that the Pirates would also want to lower the rate for adults and bring it closer to a twelfth of the annual price.

The prestigious award would also be preserved by the leader of Prague Sobě and current mayor of Prague 7 Jan Čižinský. He also outlines how he wants to finance the development of public transport for the Echo24 on a daily basis. "Experience from Prague 7 shows that the savings of the historical treasury can be saved between 10 and 20% of the money We will do the same in the municipality The increase of the tariff is not on the agenda On the contrary, we want more passengers to to pull public transport by introducing a mobile signal into the metro, "says Čižinský.

KSČM and CSSD: We want free transport

The Communist Party of Prague (KSČM) wants public transport in Prague to be free. However, the mayoral candidate party and former MEP Marta Semelová were unable to tell exactly where to use this infrastructure and infrastructure investment. "We want free public transport, experiences from other cities show that the situation has improved and that this has a positive impact on the environment." Sound and emissions have been reduced. "It comes back to us – we need budget priorities and money for data traffic. reassess, "Echo24 told Marta Semel, where the Communists invested more in the green and militant drought.

The CSSD also tries to get free traffic in Prague. Mayor Candidate Jakub Landovský argues that if the CSSD succeeded in the municipal elections in Prague, the citizens of the metropolis could travel for free from 1 January 2020. "We do not want to make this crucial decision too long, we expect public transport to be free the following year, and Prague residents will be able to use public transport free of charge for the first time from January 1, 2020. Free public transport is The first is of course the saving of the Pražáků In the last few years life has grown horribly in the metropolis, for example a rise in rent increases There are whole groups of people who literally pay to pay Free public transport can save up to 12,000 kroner a year for a family with four members.
The second, no less important, reason is the improvement of the environment. We assume that with the free public transport at least part of the Pražáků goes from the car to public transport. Especially for short trips to the center of Prague ", says Echo24 Landovský daily.

Landovský: Let the transport company make money. It designs nightgowns and supplies trams

With regard to the financing of this step, Landovsky refers to examples from abroad. According to him, the transport company must "really do business". A candidate for the mayor would like to see a stock or landfill tram arrive at the door after the metropolis. "For example, at night the entire tram network is empty, I can imagine that there will be garbage or supply trash at night that will serve as a center where thousands of toxic supplies will pass through the day. abroad are here again ", adds Landovsky.

A relatively fresh adept at the post of mayor Petr Stuchlík (for YES) approves the recent discount for the rate for seniors and students, but "the populist journey for public transport would not have been free". "I do not intend to raise the rate, the recently approved discount for students and the elderly is a good step, and by lowering the annual coupon price, this did not necessarily mean a shortage of finances, because a cheaper coupon by many more people But what bothers me and I certainly would not do it, the populist proposal for public transport is completely free of charge, which would of course mean a considerable interference with the city.We have one of the best public transport networks in Europe and it simply can not be free, "Stuchlik told Echo24.

The candidate of the Mayor of Prague for SPD Hynek Beran has not responded to the Echo24 questions.

In the second largest city in the Czech Republic, urban public transport is slightly more expensive. Brno Transport Company offers an annual rate for students for CZK 2,375, pensioners from the age of 65 will then pay CZK 2,950. In the Ostrava transport company, the annual rate for students is 1,106 kroner, while seniors older than 65 can only buy a three-month discount voucher for CZK 675. While in Prague the annual adult coupon is only 3,650 kroner, people in Ostrava pay 3,999. wreaths and in Brno CZK 4,750.

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