Missing young man in Rychnovsko also searched for drones – News.cz

"This morning the police contacted us that they needed our assistance in the search for confusing terrain, and we used two smaller drones available in the Giant Mountains," said Jiri Brozek, a member of the Giant Mountains Service. Because of the technology available for the mountain service, it is not unusual for mountain helpers to be asked to work outside the mountain range, he said.

Missed by Filip Sopóci

Missed by Filip Sopóci

PHOTO: police of the Czech Republic

The rescue workers used the two drones, one flew and took the terrain and downloaded data from the other. "We looked at the drones on the monitor and, certainly, every time we rechecked everything, we checked the screen of the connected computer, but it was not worth the search at that location," Brozek added.

The police announced a search for a young man on Sunday, August 26, evening, the last time he was seen on Sunday evening for fun in Hrosk in Rychnovsko.

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