Mladý z Litoměřic vyhubil protihráčovi v online hře, hrozí mu dva roky vězení –

Nineteen-year-old player from Litoměřice, according to the police, broke into the game account of a 21-year-old boy in Český Krumlov. Metin2 has to do with virtual money that is called yang and that has lost ten million to the wounded. "He also collected playground equipment that had been purchased for more than 2,000 crowns," said South Moravia spokesman Jiri Matzner.

According to criminals, the culprit first created a fraudulent phishing page for the Metin2 internet link. "It has gained access to data and passwords," the spokesman said.

The case is being dealt with by regional criminals from the notorious crime department. "Maybe it sounds like a bad video game, but a young man is being prosecuted because he illegally has access to a computer system and an information carrier," Matzner added, saying that if the trial comes to court, the young person might be in the prison.

PHISHING ("fishing, throwing")
A fraudulent method that attempts to alienate a user's digital identity, his / her login names, passwords, bank card numbers and the like with a view to their subsequent abuse (cash withdrawal, unauthorized access to data, etc.).
Create a fraudulent message, usually distributed via e-mail, that attempts to retrieve the user's data. Messages can be masked to recreate the trusted sender as much as possible. For example, a false question can be asked by the bank whose services are used by the user, asking for an account number and a pin code to be checked (via a dialog that occurs as a spoofing window).
In this way, access to people tries to convince them that they are at a trusted address that they trust (e-commerce sites, etc.). Credit card numbers and their PIN are also often stolen.
(Source: Interpretation Dictionary of Cyber ​​Security)

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