Mostecká magistrát turned to the police, he does not like the behavior of Krušnohor

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People complained that they were calling them to buy the apartments where they live. Otherwise the team will offer a third party.

"Tenants have had the time to buy the apartments in the past twenty years, they have six months to think about, and if they do not, we really offer apartments, if all the apartments in the house have all their owners and only one of them, this gives us a lot of work to manage our property, "explains František Ryba the steps of his team.

These are about 200 to 250 homes of the original six thousand that had been privatized in the last eighth wave in the city.

Whether the apartments are now bought by brokers or speculators is no longer influenced by the cooperative, Ryba generally says that he does not want to sell anything to the speculators and never sell them in the past. SBD Krušnohor owns approximately 17,000 apartments in Most and is also one of the largest housing corporations in the country.

It is in the course of Krušnohor's progress that the City Hall sees a major problem that opens the door to the city with other socially weaker problems.

Tenants do not have money for apartments

"Current tenants often do not have the money to buy apartments, the apartments are mostly owned by real estate agents, which are offered by hand for a multiple price as a profitable investment.The owners of apartments often come from abroad and do not even know where the city of Most is and who lives in their apartment, it's just a profit, "explains Senator Derner.

She had been a candidate for the Severočesi Most Association in the last elections and is a representative. The collaborative initiative, which is associated with the Mostte Mostte Association, is also explained as a pre-election contest.

However, no one can deny that several thousand Roma from different parts of the country, Slovakia or Romania, have moved to the city in recent years. But how many of them are there, nobody can find out. Neither the city administration has an exact number.

This is why the city government is afraid of further migration waves. Their large number is also recorded by a layman during a normal walk through the city center. Today, in the morning, dozens of people with strollers, branched families with children who were old at school, others who might occupy all available banks, were in the main class room of the builders.

The town hall turned to the police

The leadership of the city council on Monday urged the police to investigate the privatization and management of cooperative flats.

"It is necessary to find out whether there is no damage to cooperatives because of the low selling price (which amounts to about one thousand crowns per square meter), which was originally only set for the original tenant. The municipality will send a letter to all delegates of the meeting, the highest authority of SBD Krušnohor, to intervene and stop the sale of the rest of the apartments, "said Mayor Mayor Jan Paparega (For MOST).

"The selling price of apartments has always been determined to earn the cooperative," says Ryba. Whether the new owner of the apartment will increase the sales price, according to the director of the SBD, is just his thing.

The paradox of the whole situation is that the Bruggers van de Most profile themselves before the elections as fighters against the socially weak who make a mess, and according to the program they even want to build a "village for the crowd" behind the city.

Everyone can register for unsold apartments, but publicly available documents prove that the cooperative has cooperated in the past, for example with the real estate agent Kodada and Zedník, co-owner Jan Zedník, former deputy deputy Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09).

He owns about 120 apartments in Most and a few months ago he was confronted with criticism for renting apartments in socially excluded places

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