Mother in the wheelchair beat her own son in unconsciousness. He was 11 years old

/ PHOTO GALLERY / The case of incredible brutality towards the immediate family was judged by the public prosecutor's office as an attempted murder.

The regional court in Ústí nad Labem was treated on Wednesday, August 22 by a horrible case of cruel mourning by his own son. Unemployed 59-year-old Jiri Jedlička from Jirkov u Chomutov was sentenced to 11 years in prison for murdering his 82-year-old mother with a disability. At the same time, his mother has to pay 482 thousand crowns.

The judgment is not final. Both the public prosecutor and Jedlička have maintained the deadline for the appeal. The Jedli remains in custody.

"The defendant clearly did not tackle the stressful situation, his act fills the characters of the murder crime that was still in trial, the court could have imposed imprisonment between 10 and 18 years." We have decided to impose a sanction at the lower limit of the sentence, as a mitigating circumstance, the court found partial confessions and the testimony of family members who described that cohabitation with the wounded was difficult, but she voluntarily cared for her mother, she not only provoked the offense, "Judge said Sarka Tampa.

In his youth, Jedlička played football and boxing. He provided a wheelchair-bound woman from October 2017. He went shopping, assisted in bed and also repaired. The incident took place on 3 March. Jedi returned to her mother's apartment from a nearby Vietnamese night, where he regularly drank alcohol.

"I went to buy cigarettes in the afternoon, I had a rum at dinner with the Vietnamese, and then I went to my mother, we were watching TV, Javoir sausages were for dinner, then I went to the house to smoke and went to get a beer from the Vietnamese and bought a rum, "Jedlička, who had been treated for psychiatry ten years ago because of the disbelief of his ex-wife, told the court.

His testimonies changed during the interrogation, how much he drank on the day of the attack, he could not say.

Defendant: She did not want to cooperate

When he returned, his mother needed a toilet. "The truck is getting wrong with the truck When I tried to get her back to the wheelchair, she suddenly went downstairs, then I tried to pick her up because it's hard, it was not. she could not stand on her feet, she did not want to climb deliberately, "says Jedlička, who was angry at the time.

"I do not know how I hit her, how often I hit her, she was lying on the floor, she did not want to communicate or cooperate, I slapped her, kicked her against my leg and head, I had to kick her several times. know that at least I tried to sit, she was in the hallway, she was not communicating, she was blood, & Jedlička told the court, but criminologists, experts and prosecutors know more accurate details of the whole attack.

"In a state of simple, middle-class drunkenness, at least in the indirect intention of killing, he attacked with his hands clasped in his fist, kicking his legs and stifling his mother, fistting her and at least once in her to kick her head and repeatedly to kick her, the right side of the chest and the left hip, then cut her hands on the floor with the top of her t-shirt until she became unconscious, "said prosecutor Vladimir Jan in the indictment.

According to her mother's neighbors, her son was horrible during the attack. "You … dirty old one," Jedlička said.

When the police arrived, Jedlička claimed that nothing had happened to her mother and that everything was fine. She was unconscious in the apartment and was not on time for medical help, apparently she would have died.

"He said that his mother was okay and that there was nothing wrong and he wanted to close the door, I put his leg there because I saw the lying figures on the floor, so I went to the woman with the first aid, her face full of blood and grinned, "one of the intervening police officers described in court.

The woman has a damaged brain

The Jedi still said that everything would be alright. "When the police arrived and the colleagues wanted to take him, he began to shout that he was a former boxer and that he would do it with us," the policeman added.

As a result of the injuries sustained, the woman is currently admitted to the hospital, she is unconscious for serious brain damage and does not respond to stimuli. Because of the intensity of the attack and the serious injuries caused by her son, she can not breathe herself and she must be connected to artificial controlled ventilation. "The nutrients penetrate the probe, and improvement of the condition is not to be expected," said Andrea Vlčková, a forensic physician.

The Jedli had 2.75 milligrams of alcohol at the time of the attack. "He did the act The fact that he can not accurately describe how his mother attacked is understandable with regard to the amount of alcohol consumed." The whole situation he was in, the experts considered over-limit, which is very difficult He had little to do with the damage he had suffered because of the defendant's personality, the reasons for the damage, because of his attitude, I proposed a prison for the execution of his sentence, "said the officer of justice.

The subjects of the brutal attack of Jedlička are not clear. "I had enough of that, it was not easy with her, it was moody, sometimes she screamed at me and told everyone how often she was in bed, maybe it was piled up in me and then I burst," said Jedlička, honestly, he regretted his action. "It is like a bad dream, it will frighten me for a long time," Jedlička said.

According to experts Jedlička is a simple personality. "The increased general speed of aggression is not present, and under the influence of alcohol he has not managed to manage the stressful situation," said Štěpánek Tůmová, an expert in psychology. Alcohol is the biggest problem for Jedlička.

"All adult life is associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, it is part of his lifestyle, he does not suffer from mental illness, he has a long-lasting burden and drunkenness in a cruel affection," said Michal Hessler, an expert in psychiatry. .

Coexistence was not easy

Jedlička was threatened by a maximum of 18 years in prison for attempted murder. In his favor he was not punished in the past and his mother attacked after protracted verbal and physical conflicts. Moreover, his mother was sick and unpleasant because of her health problems.

"Our mother was a bad man, especially his nurses, for his part it had to be amok, she still had to read that she wasted water by rinsing in the toilet or that she ate it a lot." We wondered if Jirka nodded at all. that he would take care of her, but she promised him that she could have an apartment, "said the convict's brother.

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