Mudflakes, flooded houses, and fires of lightning. Thunderstorms and heavy rain broke through Moravia –

More than twenty times firemen from the Zlin region had to go from Saturday night to Sunday morning. "They had a busy night, they had to go through the entire county, damage to property was reported, luckily people did not suffer any injury," said Zlin firefighters Roman Žemlička spokesperson on Sunday morning.

The first excursion was registered by firefighters on Saturday 19:00 when they encountered the unsecured roof of the house in Slavkov in Uherské Hradiště.

Death in Zlín caused damage.

Rain in Zlín caused damage.

PHOTO: FZZ Zlínského kraje

The cellars flooded the water in Hulín in the Kroměříž region, because of the blocked pipeline the water rose between the beds of the residents of the hospice in Malenovice near Zlín and also to the apartments in Jarošov u Uherského Hradiště.

Walls of mud and flooded basements tormented the inhabitants of Štípa, water flooded the underpass under the railway in Valasske Mezirici, the mud deposits had to be removed by firefighters in Branky and Kelci in Vsetín, Přílepy in Kroměříž and elsewhere. In Březolupe Uherskohradišťsku flooded an industrial area.

Because of the flooded basements, garages and mud and stones deposited on the roads, firefighters went to the Zlin region more than twenty times.

Because of the flooded basements, garages and mud and stones deposited on the roads, firefighters went to the Zlin region more than twenty times.

PHOTO: FZZ Zlínského kraje

"The firemen were also on their way out on Sunday evening to remove the mud and the wood on the road in Rouen, Prerov.In Březnice in Zlín they took water from the kindergarten, in Bystřice pod Hostýnem in the Kroměříž region they had to hide the clogged river bed. under the bridge and help in other places, "he described the nocturnal balance of the exits of firefighters Žemlička.

In the Olomouc region firefighters mainly went to Prerov, Olomouc and partly to Prostějov. They drank the water from the flooded houses, cleared away the mud from the roads or secured the exposed roof.

In Osek nad Bečvou, the firefighters have secured communication against floods with mud. "The flooded road with mud with the confinement of two vehicles was also solved by the firefighters in Bělotín in Přerov, it was a mud in an area of ​​about one hundred meters and the vehicles were pulled by a tractor," said the firefighter's spokesman Zdeněk Hošák.

In Šternberk, the firefighters at the reconstructed house provided a roof with their sails. "During the evening they also pumped several times a large water lagoon in the building of a continuous animal show," he said.

Three fires in the Moravia-Silesia region

Due to the heavy thunderstorms, firefighters in the Moravia-Silesia region also had to go to sixteen events from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. Of these, there were fires in three cases.

"In the vast majority of cases these were flooded cellars and muddy roads, which were largely removed by the units of the volunteer fire brigade within their local jurisdiction," said spokesman for the Moravian-Silesian fire brigade Jakub Kozák.

The first fire took place on Saturday after 15:00. "After the lightning strike, the wiring in one of the garages in Nošovice woke up and the fire spread, and the flames damaged 400 thousand crowns," said Kozák.

On Saturday, two minutes before twenty-four hours, four units of firefighters went to the reported fire of the transformer station in Odra, where a short circuit in the cabling occurred as a result of the storm.

"The fire from the tree after a thunderbolt was solved by firefighters on the Nádražní street in Ostrava 20 minutes before the second hour of the morning, and the smoldering tree first had to be trimmed by the interlocking unit from the height technique," the firefighters spoke.

Meteorologists warn that intense and heavy rainfall is threatening Moravia and South Bohemia by 9 pm on Monday. Within three days, 60 to 120 liters of water per square meter can fall in these places.

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