Muž utíkal u Prahy mamba –

"The rescue team from Prague and the Central Bohemia region came to the site, called the rescue workers and transported to the General University Hospital in Prague on Charles Square," said Petra Effenbergerová, a rescue worker.

According to the original information, mamba black snapped the breeder at the Jarov holiday home, which falls under Dolní Břežany. Another man, wounded, helped to reach the parking place in the village where the ambulance came from.

The website of Dolnobrežansky reported that the snake had not fled to the wild, so there was no other danger. Later, in an additional report, he questioned the place where the burglary took place – it would be the neighboring village of Zvole.

"There was no boredom in the territory of the village of Dolní Břežany, as the media report, but in the contact with zookoutku in Zvoli." The breeder then went over the border of the land registry of our village in an attempt to get so quickly possible medical care, and he was picked up by Jarov's medical service, "he said without further details.

Mamba Black is the largest venomous snake living in Africa. It can be longer than four meters. At the same time, it is one of the fastest snakes in the world. It moves at a speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour. Black mackerel is very poisonous. A man can die 20 minutes after burglary

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