No tolerance! Prime Minister Nwelati of the ODS avoids the alien, his father is Syan

If you have voted in recent months to meet Klaus, the young man, he will give his speeches in party Tomia Okamura, after which the ODS can only explain.

The big cracking on Facebook has launched an advertisement from the graphic designer of the old prime minister of Mlada Boleslav and the regional assistant in one. The Kampa for blcmi with the election elections clearly again fights the fight with foreigners who have Mladá Boleslav Boleslavkm.

Boleslav Boleslavkm. No tolerance by foreigners. Does he want to work here? Follow the rules! Otherwise we do not want to, Stand in the graphics, which then go to the horseshoe for voting at the election.

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It is not the fact that the campaign strictly directed against foreigners is led by the ODS only is a person with the same name. It is all the graduate student Raduan Nwelati, who is after the Syrian birth of his father. And its exotic profile right next to a difficult note No tolerance by foreigners psob ​​a bit comical.

Raduan Nwelati from the ODS is the best

Raduan Nwelati of the ODS is mayor of Mladá Boleslav since 2006.

People, the other two first, will make this discrepancy of Nwelatim patin. He would categorically reject his campaign against the migrant of both Blzkho and Africa. Boleslav would have driven the docks out of the codec of the city.

Nwelatimu does not mind

Nwelatimu does not mind migrants, but urbanites.

I am not worried about the migrants who are young (Bohemian) Boleslav, but about the foreigners who are here and there, and full of hostels, explains Nwelati, who points to shortcomings in the knowledge of esk grammar.

According to him, all inhabitants of the city are allowed to live and destroy their homes. Zero tolerance is against those who violate rules, drink, pollute the city, erase the noise, explains Nwelari and dodv: I'm not against foreigners working for a ride, but they have to keep to the rules and behave with the sun. If not, then p.

The Mlada Boleslav youth work can come from many people in the fight against foreigners, but it is also on Facebook. And there was no such thing as the ODS, which many people criticize, that there are many politicians, who are on the side of Tom Okamura.

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