Not only sent. Rath is also a candidate at the municipal elections in Hostivice at home

Hostivice Some influential Social Democratic politicians, David Rath, take part in the municipal elections in his hometown of Hostivice, according to the information from esk statistick ad (S), led by Health Hostivice.

Bavent's intermediate of the pit wants Sent, in the Litomical electoral district, where he has been in bond for 18 months, is the sovereignty of the candidate. Rath is wrongly convicted of corruption.

The second day of Health Hostivice was given by the Democrat and Marshal Changer Marcel Chldek. At the time the governor led Rath, Chldek was his nickname. Last year he was football manager and academic.

On candidate lists of cities with more than eight thousand inhabitants they have also given their name, for example for a rushed ODS, a former member of parliament and a chairman hunt for the shining of Marek Ernoch, now the ODS. The candidate for YES is Robert Zmlk, Olympic Games in the Decathlon of 1992.

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