Old Town Hall celebrates 680 years: for the first time in history the underground tunnel will open

Not only the hall, the wedding room and the mysterious background are open Old city hall as part of their celebrations 680-year jubilee. "It celebrates its foundation for the fourth time, compared to previous years, when other inaccessible spaces opened two days, but this time for six days", Said Barbora Hrubá of Prague City Tourism.

By way of exception, they will also be part of the celebrations under the title City hall broadened sightseeing of the cellars of the town hall in Malé náměstí or unusual sights on the square i newly restored astrology mechanism. "People will continue for the first time in history an underground tunnel between the old city, the new city hall and the new office building, "Said the manager of the old town hall Antonín Baloun, between 13 and 18 September they are also remembered the essential moments of the history of the Town Hall from 1338 to 2018.

The townspeople received a gift

The place where the city hall is located is in the 9th century marketsthere were also slaves. It sold better here in the 10th century skirts of import, handicraft products, forest fruits, meat, fish and other snacks. In the open air of the river Eytuch, he flows into the Vltava river at the end of the 13th century, he grew up rich house, which became a town hall in 1338. "The merchants were supplied by the merchant Volflin from Stone, and until then the city council came together in churches or wealthy houses," says Flash Guide by Daniel Rejman.

The old town hall in Prague celebrates the 680-year anniversary. Ivan D. Hladík

Mysterious underground

Surprising finds and sayings from spiritualists, including the underground town hall. Instead of being followed thoroughly, even the entire room can be hidden here. It is now visible except for living spaces different dressesincluding a built from a former water tank, a few square meters. Without daylight, every hygiene, and often food, would suffer and more than ten prisoners at a time. It is said that there was also cannibalism.

Return of the original altar

Gradual changes have passed Chapel of our dear wife. The new stained glass, dating from the eighties, originated in the glass factory Jihlava. In the shapes and curves of the multicolored glass silhouettes and crowds of believers can be seen. The city hall has been the main jewel of the workshops of conservators and different parts of the country for more than 73 years the original altar. It will be revealed within the program on Tuesday 18 September at 3 pm.

Between the stones and stones of the underground walls or the ovens of ovens is to be found everywhere, even a part of the hip bone, which records the scary atmosphere of the building.

Between the stones and stones of the underground walls or the ovens of ovens is to be found everywhere, even a part of the hip bone, which records the scary atmosphere of the building.

Author: Tonda Tran, David Malík, Martin Sekanina, Prague City Tourism, Prague Archives

Astrology, the symbol of the whole city

After the Prague Castle, it is the second most sought-after Prague building. His current form gave him in 1490 Master Jan Hanuš, called the Rose († 1497). The sculptural decoration of the clock was made by a builder of a stonemason Peter Parler. The rumor is not only a gigantic time-lapse, but also helper-astrologers, magicians and initiates. "The mystery of the astronomical clock has played an important role", confirmed Daniel Rejman's Flash Guide.

When repairing the City Hall, which has been underway for more than a year, restorers will bring the elements back to medieval form on its astronomical plate. We should soon wait for the ceremonial re-launch of the astronomical clock, on St. Wenceslas on September 28th.

What, when, where, how much …

City Hall 2018
when: September 13 to 18 from 9:00
at which: Old Town Square 1/3, Prague 1 – Old Town
How much: Free registration is required for participation in all events. The reservation system is opened August 27, 2018 at 9:02 on eshop.prague.eu

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