Olomouc discovered a plant in Borneu, with its own appearance. I know

OLOMOUC The products of Olomouc discovered in tropical children, lech or Borneo, gave a new kind of plant. It bears the name "Thismia kelabitiana", which is a herbaceous herb, and it is a destination of the plant species that the Olomouc biologist of the island managed to find. The discovery of the Kelabitsk wetlands could in future focus on the protection of tropical forests, not only on Borneo, but also on the deputy provincial of Palack University.

A new plant has been discovered to show the flowers, which have the shape of a lantern with rushing, covered with tssit. Thismia Kelabitiana is obsolete in many ways. Although it is very small, 18 centimeters in height, and the diameter of its flower is less than two centimeters, the flowers are known for the other species known from Borneo, said only the biologist Michal Hrone from the department Botany .

Nzev discovered plants refers to the Kelabitsk highland in the Malaysian state Sarawak with the name Kelabit. This area, as one of the locations in Bornean in Malaysia, has been upgraded so far and is therefore the bed of the most valuable biological area of ​​the island. Although the new site was discovered at a devask concession and only a few miles from the spot of devask paths, biologist Martin Dank said of the sales department of the faculty.

Experts hope that the first discoveries of unique plant species could have slowed down the process of hunting the deva in the local lech and might have stopped. Promoting the Proda can also help create an important Olomouc darkness, which was only subordinate in history to rediscover another kind of birthplace, Thismia neptunis, known as a bizarre look, added the representatives of the faculty.

New discoveries, as well as all other related species, are a pathogen among green-green plants that grow by mushroom wolves that grow around the plant in pd. The leaves have arched leaves, because of the small growth of the plant cells, they are characterized by large and sometimes colorful flowers.

Research in the forests of their children will destroy the wasters with colleagues from the rest of the state for several years. In particular, there is a study of the diversity of invertebrates and plants in different algae and of the species of species that are found. In addition to the plants, such new species of cobwebs, twigs, spiders and spotted plants have been discovered in the past.

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