Ondřej Konrád: The sun above the SPD still does not fit

And they are careful that the experts can not catch them when they read the statutes and continue. An example is not sly but important, the Workers' Party, which abolished the highest administrative court in 2010 and claimed that the so-called workers threatened democracy with an ideological link with national socialism and neo-Nazism and the promotion of violence.

And so they seamlessly entered the sister workers' party of social justice, or conquered it completely. And because they are still under the new company so far, they stop it.

Useful for both AB and MZ

This history, as well as the peripetiation of former Republican Slave Republicans Tomio Okamura and his right hand in the Movement of Freedom and Democracy, Radim Fial, probably know and have some experience at all.

Speaker of the Movement for Freedom and Direct Democracy (EPD) Tomio Okamura at the National Election Conference of the Movement

The minority government YES and the Social Democrats (CSSD) rely on the KSCM and place a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. Communists have not promised to vote for everything – they have seven important themes for them.

For example, during the financial crash of just one year of the Direct Democracy Tomorrow Okamura movement, whose members in 2014 (and this still has not changed) were convinced that the money for election votes and parliamentary mandates was by the President himself with different tricks drawn. At that moment the two men escaped and produced the current SPD movement, which is still much more successful and ambitious.

This year, even at a certain moment, he took part in the power, and Andrej Babiš leaves the SPD in the reserve for possible parliamentary crises; That is why Okamur remains one of the deputy chairmen of the Chamber of Deputies.

And the SPD enjoys a presidential adage: at one of the congresses he was physically present shortly before his re-election (certainly the votes of the SPD supporters, Okamura did not vote for his own candidacy), he sent at least one video report to the other. And the presidency has been waiting for months for the Ministry of the Interior's annual report on extremism, in which the SPD is in a privileged position.

What is not, it can be

All this means that to cancel this Okamur topic will not disappear, its key players have to stop checking. It was as if this had happened to the secretary of the late Stanislaw for the drunken burst of advanced racism.

However, Kamil Papezik, the excluded member of the movement, tests it: he doubts whether the SPD in Brno is present at the elections, although it is canceled because of violent disputes and the new one is not. And he argues articles of the statutes, according to his breaking. That this would be a good reason for the highest administrative court to at least suspend a party with 22 deputies, the sympathy of the head of state, and so on, can be questioned with success.

But to view the events in the SPD (which is not easy, it is a very closed entity) will be interesting. Disputes there almost certainly occur and maybe there will be some more time left. Perhaps even for more remarkable reasons than Mr Papezik now says.

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