Ovek is a bastard, Sentu tch. August 1968, according to which he had the role of the public at home

Prague Sent Milan (SSD), in connection with August 50, 1968, emphasized the role of the prime minister for information based on information. Attempts to discredit television, eskho radio and the press service are unacceptable, say those who spoke for the occupation of eso-Slovak troops in the Varvsk treaty before the eskho radio program. At a later date, he spoke in a speech with a speech by President Jim Shek.

he said that people are flooded with information from all sides and that they can be trained in it. For the first time in 1968, he was able to see how heavily positive and important in the critical moments of society could be the very first. From a recent history, the company would have been forced to use it and would have sent public service from this point of view.

Attempts to discredit Ro, T and TK are unacceptable. Or without them we would be left alone to private media and we would distribute information objectively and eloquently, they said. The objectivity of the information must be self-evident, because it is the first to have them all.

he said democracy is not always easy. The people are her and they are mistaken. Not in and will lead to complete satisfaction. This bag does not mean that we have to withdraw from the support of democracy, he said. In another speech he stated that democracy is very difficult to fight and maintain.

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Comrade 1979 – 1989 I really do not insult me. Jet boasts that they applauded for those who denied the memory of the occupation! They cheered the normalizing Communist who agreed with the occupation and Pouen out of the crisis! https://t.co/gr4YSdy8XG

their speech in the afternoon to harvest social layers. Talk to President Milo Zeman Ji Ovek on Twitter said that the people in the radio have told the leading speaker about Sent's speech. As an answer he wrote on Facebook that Ovek is a bastard and deaf. What he wrote, people have heard my speech in silence, it only confirms, he said. Ovek, head of Twitter, wrote that the people applaud the radio for the normalized communist who agreed with the occupation.

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