Parliament supported a proposal for a slower wage increase for politicians

update: 22.08.2018 17:23

Prague – The increase in the salaries of deputies, senators, ministers and other constitutional actors could be slower next year than the calculation model currently in force. The Chamber of Deputies today supported the government's proposal and rejected it to the next round, which, according to its reasoning, should curb the growing gap between the salaries of government officials and other people paid from the state budget. However, it is uncertain whether the law will pass the approval, so that it can be applied from 1 January. The basic salary of the ordinary deputy or senator is now almost 76,000 crowns, but a number of replacements are still his.

MEPs, however, refused to shorten the two-month deadline for a comitology proposal. That is why the second reading could first appear after the meeting, which starts on 23 October. The final approval in the House could take place in mid-November, after which the Senate will receive a proposal for discussion and the President will sign the bill.

Unless the law changes, this would mean that the Pirates would raise their salaries by a maximum of one fifth. It is the Pirates who have proposed placing this item on the agenda of today's meeting. The movements of YO, SPD and KSČM supported the vote on the program. In an explanatory report, the government said that there would be an unprecedented increase.

For calculating the salaries of politicians, the basic salary on which it is based is of crucial importance. For this year, the base is calculated as 2.5 times the average gross monthly salary in non-business atmosphere. In recent years the ratio has been lower and has risen steadily since 2015. Next year and in the following years the coefficient must be increased to 2.75 according to the valid law.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has proposed to remain 2.5 for the future this year. The state would also save on multi-functional flat-rate reimbursements for politicians who also depend on the wage base. If Parliament approves the draft, wage growth will only be driven by wage growth in the non-business sphere and the salary base will be calculated on the same basis as this year.

The government has also proposed to calculate the salary basis on the basis of the average wage in the non-business sphere to the recalculated persons and not to natural persons.

For this year, the basic salary of the deputy and senator does not represent extra fees and allowances of 75,900 crowns. The chairman of the commission receives 106,700 crowns and the chairman of the chamber of deputies or the senate and the prime minister have 203,600 gross crowns. If the law did not change and the average wage in the non-business sphere would not change, the basic salary of the ordinary member would only increase on the basis of a higher coefficient with a gross calculation of CZK 7.5 thousand per month.

Pirates came up with a proposal to include this point at today's meeting, and other parties supported it. Pirates stressed that if the proposal fails the legislative process by the end of the year, the salaries of politicians will automatically rise sharply. "If the salaries in the country on average increase by about ten percent, it is unacceptable that this is twice as much for politicians", says the president of the pirate Ivan Bartoš.

The draft opposed the proposal for a return to the government for reformulation by the Chairman of the Constitutional Legal Commission, Marek Benda (ODS). According to him, populism must vote on such a proposal. The government wanted to return the proposal so that it could otherwise adjust and propose the wages of constitutional actors. He pointed out that judges have a separate salary weighting.

Overview of the gross monthly salaries of selected constitutional factors in CZK:

official Salary 2011-2014 Salary 2015 Salary 2016 Salary 2017 Salary 2018
president 186300 204600 219,000 236700 252800
President and Prime Minister of Parliament 150100 164,800 176,400 190700 203,600
Deputy Prime Minister 128900 141,500 151500 163700 174800
Vice-President of Parliament and the Minister 106600 117.100 125300 135,500 144,700
Chairman of the parliamentary committee, committee, delegation 78700 86400 92,500 100,000 106700
Member and senator 55,900 61400 65700 71,000 75900

Source: Act No. 236/1995 Coll. on salaries and other requirements related to the performance of the duties of national officials and some governmental and judges and representatives of the European Parliament, as amended, MLSA announcement on the establishment of a salary base; CTK calculation.







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