Pelt blocked two properties. I do not know anything, he says

The former chairman of the Czech Football Federation was indicted in May last year after the intervention of the Strahov police, after which he even held a month in custody and in the meantime resigned as head of football. The investigation into the large subsidy case, which has significantly affected Czech sport, has since been continued.

The Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office in Prague secured two Pelt properties in Jablonec last week. It is a three-storey house in the city center where, for example, there is a bank branch and a building where the popular Jablonec restaurant is also at home.

Miroslav Pelta spoke for Sport in the first exclusive interview after the arrest

Miroslav Pelta spoke for Sport in the first exclusive interview after the arrest

However, Pelta claims that no one has ever informed him about the change in the land register. "I do not know anything at all, nothing is written down, if something is going on, what blocking and writing, I'll have to discover it now, that's clear," he told the list. According to his lawyer, Bronislav Šerák, this is a non-standard step to guarantee ownership, which is usually the case at the beginning of the investigation.

Changes were also made to the other property of a 35-year-old official. His part was rewritten to his wife. These include land in Liberec, Černolice or real estate in Hrubá Skála. But with the case of subsidy fraud, Pelty has no connection whatsoever.

"I think this is our internal affair, with my accusations that it really is not related," quoted the list of the biggest owner of the Jablonec club. Football can at least make Pelta happy, Severočesá won twice twice after winning the season and jumped to the eighth place in the ranking.

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