Petra lies and moves at a crime scene –

"I have heard the serious statements made by my future ex-wife Petra about my alleged criminal activities: Just like a year ago in the series of my interviews on the boulevards dedicated to my person, her conversation was full of anger and lies. did not match our meter, although paradoxically enough on its initiative, I'm sorry, "Paroubek wrote on your opinion server Your Thing, which he founded in the past.

Paroubková on Thursday on the server The list of reports said her husband, from whom she left a year and a half ago, had millions of illegal income. Paroubek called her to submit evidence of his alleged criminal activity to the police.

According to an expremier, however, it is a targeted attack that comes six weeks before the elections of the Senate. Paroubek in the upstairs room is located in the city of Ostrava.

Jiří Paroubek together with the chairman of the CSSD Ostrava organization Jan Vajdíková and vice-chairman Adam Ryka

Jiří Paroubek together with the chairman of the CSSD Ostrava organization Jan Vajdíková and vice-chairman Adam Ryka

PHOTO: Ales Honus, good

The former prime minister made his wife because he worked closely with Tomáš Horáček in June 2017 until the end of June 2018, who was accused in June of manipulating public health contracts. [celá zpráva]

"This man has prepared public budgets for hundreds of millions of crowns, but unfortunately I have to say that Petra is moving for three quarters of an hour until Horáček is arrested in a criminal environment," wrote Paroubek.

Police and prosecutors: such claims are being investigated

However, the police will treat Paroubek's words even if they do not commit themselves. Serious information pointing to crime heard in the media is being carefully investigated by police officers and prosecutors. Both institutions have their own press and internet monitoring.

It is also necessary to address the local and substantive competence of the case, ie in which city and which department should be investigated. In the case of references to the alleged illegal millions of Paroubek, it should be Prague police.

Prosecutor of Prague from the district office 1 Jan Lelek told Novinkam that he had not yet received the interview that had been published on the list of news servers, in any case waiting for his supervision. "If there is a reasonable suspicion, I will take some action," Lelek said.

In practice, it means sending the case to criminals. "The police are either in the procedure prior to the trial and if this is per se relevant, the procedure will start immediately," he said.

Presidium: we do not comment on specific cases

Given the nature of the serious claims of millions that Paroubková has expressed, national national organized crime (NCOZ) can also bring the matter to the table. According to its spokesperson Jaroslav Ibehej, the police must deal with similar cases.

"If the media reveal information about a possible crime, the police will handle the case," wrote Novinkam.

If a serious lawsuit is handled by a court, Paroubek has not confirmed this. "The police of the Czech Republic usually do not tell whether they are dealing with something special or not," said the spokeswoman for the police presidency, Ivan Nguyen, on Friday.

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