Pietu made protests and the people growled against Babie. Thank you, fan-premier at home

PRAGUE Pskot and the proverbial slogans against the Prime Minister Andrey Babi (ANO) went to the eskho radio building in Prague to commemorate the memories of the fallen victims in connection with the events of August 1968. Hundreds of people responded with applause for the presence of a number of other politicians and organizations, the comments about Babia and his wife hunting YES was accompanied by pskot.

After 11 am the arrest of the people for Vinohradsk td stopped. When people drank Babie's premiere, people began to shout and complain, to disgrace and not to be in place. Applause for the applause was the successor of the Confederation of political relatives or deputies of Jan Ernochov (ODS), Jan Bartoek, Marek Vborn and minister of Culture Daniel Herman (all KDU-SL).

Babie had been pissed at the foot of the piet. Transparenty was, in addition to Babie, against President Milo Zeman, who earlier announced that August 1968 will not publicly respond in connection with the 50th anniversary.


Freedom and democracy are above all the recognition that someone else has a different opinion or preference, Babi said. In his speech of about five minutes he admired people who did not hesitate in August 1968 to put their lives into the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops.

Babie surrounded the guard. The hundreds of hundreds of people who had been screened for the escape from the radio shouted and yelled at a distance of several meters. many peacocks are submerged, apart from the transparency and peculiarity of the city.

Above the text of the speech, which was sent by the TK to the YOUTH press and to the lawyers' association, Babi was in full swing with the horseshoes. Thank you for your support, thank our fans, you can cancel your preferences, he said. Premiere disagrees with the fact that freedom is now being jeopardized.

Nowadays you want me to ask a party if you change or change your preferences. And who does anyone or anyone else who votes for me, who criticizes me and brawls or chooses someone else for elections, he said.

President Vondrek (ANO), in response, spoke in August 1968. After the invasion of the troops of the Warsaw Pact in escrow, it was confirmed that the communist regime could not be reformed. His speech had been passed all the time.


The splitting of the pious act and the free political demonstration to the detriment of not only political culture, but also culture, Vondrek made a speech in the water, while hundreds of people hurried and the slogans chanted against the movement of ANO and its chairman Andrei Babi.

The year 1968 would mean a lot for the nation as a whole. For freedom we must fight, freedom without struggle never exists and nowhere. Think of these failures, he said.

August 1968, according to which the role of public utilities has decreased

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In connection with the 50th of August 1968, Sentu Milan (SSD), chairman of the House of Representatives, spoke about the role of public-private partnerships for objective information.

He said that people are flooded with information from all sides, and that it is difficult to find them. For the first time in 1968, he was able to see how heavily positive and important in the critical moments of society could be the very first. From a recent history, the company would have been forced to use it and would have sent public service from this point of view.

ODS honored the monument for the students

Poloenm kvm on the Klrov crack plaque reminded the ODS politicians in the party with the party chairman Petr Fiala reminding of the occupation of the Varavsky treaty of August 1968. The sign is in the Klrov place. memory of the student BUT Marie Charouskov, who at this location 26 August 1968 the resident of the troops.

It is clear what August 1968 was. It was the occupation of the earth, society tried to strive for freedom and democracy. It was a brutally aggressive breakthrough of the communist imprint with them with the Soviet Union, and that is the only way to combat it, "Fial described the invasion.

Among the members of the meeting were former Prime Minister Miroslav Nmcov, ODM deputies and actor Vladimir Kratin, who stands for ODS in Sent in Prague.

Charousk on his way to the death squad injured a machine gun bullet. She was one of 80 civilians who died in the period from 21 August to 18 June 1968 in connection with the occupation of Eskoslovenia by the armies of the Varavsky Convention.

a student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at BUT, who was currently working in the latest technology, was mortally wounded in obtaining a degree at the faculty. He was standing at the entrance of the tram, when the soldier opened one of the tanks a few miles below the hallway, and dropped the pistol from the machine gun. Posting ena, the mother of a two-year-old son, was in a critical condition transferred to a hospital under Petna, where the lace was buried.

Attempts to discredit Ro, T and TK are unacceptable. Or without them we would be left alone to private media and we would distribute information objectively and eloquently, they said. The objectivity of the information must be self-evident, because it is the first to have them all. he said democracy is not always easy.

The people are her and they are mistaken. Not in and will lead to complete satisfaction. This bag does not mean that we have to withdraw from the support of democracy, he said. In another speech he stated that democracy is very difficult to fight and maintain.

Vlda with the communists is ashamed and Babi has condemned the pious deed, the opposition

The Christian Marshland leader, Daniel Herman, said he was shameful about the communists in connection with the tsunami. The Communist bears the responsibility for totalitarianism, and he remembers here. It's someone who gets these people – it's shame and people have cleared it and it's time, said the news minister. The disagreement with the people and the scandalous people has defied the memory of the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops in 1968. I mean, on the contrary, people show that they do not care, Herman.

The chairman of the People's Party, Bartoek, added that he was invited to join the Communist Party in 1968. Vondrek of ANO, who opposed the eskho radio program against the pskotu during his speech, accused the Communist Party of the party. They raised their hands for the government because they had no reason, and when someone wanted to be in the opposition, so they had to be somewhere but they were not in the position, they did not have a great job, he had read.

Top 09 delegates, together with Pirty, put on the flowers for so long and were later separated from the action related to Babe. The president TOP 09 It was the spokesman for the TK, who first came out of his mind spontaneously. In a moment when Mr. Premir will join the Communists and commemorate the Communist situation and the flow of Soviet Communists to escudos, I think he is a bit inexperienced, he said. Babi would not like to do something like that. What we are reminded here today contradicts what is today's politics because it comes with the Communists, he said.

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When StBk was remembered for the occupation, it is self-evident. What he did, the prime minister became legitimate and he had to speak for the radio. When the plunder of the speech preferred a YES fan, he was ashamed of the pietn act-life. @AndrejBabisExcuse me!

Speaker of TOP 09, Miroslav Kalousek, who was not in the city, said that when it comes to the occupation of the occupation, it is a lot of things. What he did, the prime minister became legitimate and he had to speak for the radio. When the bag of the speech was passed by the YES fan, he denied the pietn act vdom, wrote on Twitter.

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