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Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) wanted to pay tribute to the victims of the Soviet occupation on Tuesday, but people beat him and called him as a steward. You said you understood them.

It has rubbing and rubbing. Government officials are expected to wear wreaths and participate in the patronage of events, but through their daily activities and communication style they must comply with the ideals of the liberal democratic policies of the Czech Republic, especially when they think back to such a serious moment in the history.

But a number of politicians put the incident down, including the prime minister, who at a recent press conference said the occupants very strange with the words "who it was, I do not know that people said the Russians came".

People who personally worry and remember that, of course, feel it more sensitive. And the final whistle of the prime minister, decides that he is grateful for the growing preferences of the YES movement, did not really belong to piety.

If you think Babiš does not represent liberal democracy, why do not pirates have a problem sitting in the Information Society Government Council?

It is not related at all. All politicians have a pragmatic level with regard to the adoption of laws and the like. Digitization is a tool, not an ideology, although it can be used for ideology, censorship, oppression of opinions and shadows, and the Pirates fight against it. We are not a trucopozice that will be negative for all government proposals.

In short, the pieta is an emotional thing, people have come to remember the events in 1968 and pointed out that the person of Prime Minister Babiša does not carry their ideals. This is not due to the fact that we, as pirates, vote for good suggestions and criticize the bad ones.

Do not you feel like you're helping the government criticize you in the Chamber of Deputies? For example, you supported her version of raising pensions so that older people over the age of 85 get extra thousands of crowns, compared to the Senate version, which would have a thousand to improve anyone who receives a 25-year pension.

We help people and we do our program. Holt programs are sometimes similar. Only in order not to help the government, we will not oppose the law that benefits the Czech people. When someone prepares a good proposal to help citizens, it does not matter to the pirate who suggests it.

I do not see the difference between Babis's policy and what was done here thirty years after November

Above all, this can be done by creating a group in the chamber of deputies, in which the pirates and the communists are also EPDs and occasionally help the government with its proposals.

If you look at how the Pirates vote in the House, you will find that we are absolutely authentic. It can not be said that we are inclined to that or him. What you said is only an interpretation of the media of real things.

We try to describe our steps on our website, I would like people to look into it. We went to politics to make a different policy. I do not see the difference between the policy of Andrei Babiš and the policy that was conducted thirty years after November. The style is very similar: corruption, clientelism, elitism.

These are strong words. Do you have an example?

Andrej Babiš enjoyed working with the policy of recent times. Then he stopped talking about guiding the CSSD and others and decided to go to politics alone. With regard to the things we have discovered since the ruling coalition of the Social Democrats, the YO and the KDU-ČSL, when Mr Babiš joined the Ministry of Finance and Transport after Even sat, I am not worried that the moneychangers, unlike the destination, so give programs.

There is no wine box in the Czech Republic. Corruption is system distortion of orders and deliveries of services and labor for the state. Andrej Babiš has always had the biggest conflict of interest in the history of the Czech Republic and it is not just subsidies for Agrofert, Uniles and other companies. For many things we have provided the public with evidence.

Chairman of the pirate Ivan Bartos I believe that the party in Prague will succeed.

The president of the pirate Ivan Bartoš believes that the party in Prague will succeed.

PHOTO: Petr Horník, Právo

It is important to realize that the Prime Minister is being prosecuted and that his case is in court. In important positions he & # 39; his people & # 39 ;, often associated with holding, so nepotism is repeated. He is not an anti-corruption driver, because the proposals to reduce corruption block or decrease. For example, the proposal for a law for the nomination of pirates, which has been rewritten by the government as "non-binding".

You know, our policy is not here, and that does not matter with the criticism of Andrei Babiš, but what we want to hear from us is the criticism of this style of politics. It is not different from previous governments. If you look at the history of Mr. Kalousek, Paroubek, Topolánek … Andrej Babiš is exactly the same, he is the richest and has more media.

Many people in the house do not earn the money for their work

What do you say to the YES and CSSD government? Is it better than Babis & # 39; first one-color government?

It is poorer for some of the original ministers. Maybe Mr. Pelikan (justice), although I could not digitize, I understood myself as a more positive minister than Mr. Ťok (right) Babiš first buried and then glorified afterwards, and now he sits there as a famous highway builder, which according to the Supreme Audit Office builds about 18 kilometers per year.

The government is weird, there is Mr. Toman (Agriculture), a man in the vicinity of the castle, there are ministers with business ties, the Social Democrats (CSSD) have deputy prime minister Hamáček, sitting on two chairs. We would like to digitize him, because he mainly falls under the interior, but we do not know if Mr. Hamacek can do it if he has a foreign resort. The government is not positive, it is formed by an agreement based on the Communists …

I recently asked someone what my most emotional moment in Parliament was and I think it was the final vote on the confidence of this government. When I looked at the faces of the people who told the government "for the design", it was not the enthusiastic positive energetic expressions of trust but of suffering and deeds.

On Wednesday you pushed the law of the Chamber of Deputies to a law to curb the growth of the salaries of politicians. Is not that the populism of your party before the elections?

No, it is our program in the House and we insist. The whole system of salaries of politicians is wrong. There is an area and then some rewards and rewards for positions and other payment components. I would have liked to see that if there was a fixed allowance, I would only give the bonus to the committee chair because it would involve more complicated work.

In order to ensure that politicians suddenly increase their salaries by twenty percent, it seems unethical to me. The question is what the citizen has for the money that the politician receives. I must say that if you do it honestly and meticulously, it is not a horrible money compared to the commercial sphere.

And should not politicians get big money to oppose corruption?

When I see how some MPs behave throughout the spectrum, their presence, plenary behavior, how they work in committees, I feel that money has no positive effect. In my opinion, some members would not have achieved the level of salaries they receive here in the commercial sphere. They act only as a voting organ and not as active and confident parliamentarians who fulfill their mandate.

On the one hand, the salary of politicians is reasonable, but it must be linked to the real performance of the economy. Because when the wages of politicians are calculated on the basis of wages in the non-business sphere, politicians can de facto increase their salaries by raising the money in the state segment. Nobody and never adds twenty percent to the immutable content of the work. We have not received any more legislation. On the contrary, many people in the Chamber of Deputies do not earn the money for their work and they should be happy with what they get now. That is why we want to freeze salaries.

But according to the government's proposal, the salaries of politicians will rise from January. Do you think you can get the law by the end of the year, not by 20 percent?

The salaries of politicians increase according to the coefficient as the salaries increase in the government administration, whose growth legally determines the calculation coefficient. The government proposal fixes the original coefficient. We went against unmanageable growth by 20 percent.

It is our merit that we canceled the negotiations on the slowdown in salary growth and sent them to the Chamber of Deputies. The proposal for a delay is now in the second reading, the legislative process has to go through the end of the year, I think there is a chance. In addition, second-class pirates propose to base wages on average wages across the economy, not just in the public sector.

Within the party we educated people and brash and less developed and less aristocratic. That is normal

Which profits in the elections would you consider a success?

We want to win in Prague, after all the recent polls of some political parties say that this ambition of the pirates will be fulfilled. But it depends on how post-negotiation will develop. I am afraid that there will be an agreement between YES and the ODS.

We have so-called pirate strongholds in Kutna Hora, Nymburk and we would like to have more than ten percent. And then there are other places where we believe, such as Písek, Brno, Mariánské Lázně, Jablonec and we would like to achieve a lot of success.

Do you dare to say that you will win in Prague and Brno?

I do not know, I will face the situation in Brno on Saturday. We are going alone. But I think, for example, that we have scored on the introduction of a participatory budget that is managed by Brno. We have shown how our principles work.

Are there parties that you regard as a natural partner of pirates at community level? And do not tell me the cliché that the coalition closes after the election.

I believe that part of the campaign in municipal elections should be a strategy for elections after the election, in which voters will say what our choices will be after the elections. Just like the parliamentary elections last year. We will say what we want to promote, with whom we want to act and with whom.

It is quite clear that cooperation with the SPD, because of their reputation and rhetoric, is excluded. Probably with the KSČM, even though I have to say that I do not know the situation in some smaller municipalities, where politics is defined by people, not a party program. They are simply people with whom we can not respect the agreement and sign their participation. In Prague, for example, we refused Karel Březina (CSSD).

Leader YES, entrepreneur Petr Stuchlik, criticized by opponents as a usurer. do you mind?

It does not matter. But I am just a member of the Prague organization, so I will vote on the election strategy. The proposal must be presented by leader Zdeněk Hřib. This will normally be a debate in a regional association with more than a hundred people. I suppose it will be discussed within two weeks.

It is speculated that the ODS is being consulted with ANO. Would the Pirates also go to the coalition with them?

It is up to the people to be nominated. YES in Prague did very badly. But I do not decide, it is decided by the National Committee or a national forum.

Are the pirates in Prague politically mature to drive Prague?

That kind of question seems funny to me. When I remember what experience Adriana Krnáčová (ANO) has …

She is also criticized and offers no bids.

Even here in the parliamentary club and within the party we have educated people and busy, less developed and less fortunate. That is normal. I think we are competent. We understand the financing of the city.

Unfortunately, political maturity is also political anthropology. You know how it works. I am glad we do not have such "skills". We can get people at the table, we can talk, we are not naïve. At my table was CEZ director Daniel Beneš, Vodafone Czech Republic director Petr Dvořák, Czech television director Petr Dvořák. Even in the functioning of a city like Prague, it is a synergy of interests and the most important interest is the interest of people.

The full interview with Ivan Bartoš can be found in the Saturday edition of the daily Právo.

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