Pirate Lipavský for INFO.CZ: Pocheho threw the door and came back with the window, we want the law against it

Why did you draft an amendment so that ministers can not work with Members of the European Parliament?

This led us to the current cause of the deputies of the deputies for the CSSD. It is two months ago, it is immoral and untenable. In the beginning Jan Hamacek said in the foreign committee that I called that Miroslav Poche does not work at the MFA and is only a guest. The next day he joined the ministry. One day they say he is a guest, but the next day he has a card and an office. It is a mix of a manager with legislation, which is not possible.

They have a rule that says Poche must be minister, but President Zeman has refused to appoint him. But that does not mean that if he throws it through the door, he comes back through the window.

So do you think the current legislation does not adequately deal with such a situation?

That's right. This is a law on elections to the European Parliament, where Article 53 mentions what a Member of the European Parliament should not do, and a labor law relationship with the Office is not mentioned there. No one seemed to think that such a situation could happen.

Is it a reasonable solution to change the law because of an unusual situation?

The situation does not solve this, and this must be solved politically. If the law becomes applicable, it is the next European Parliament. But it's a hole in the law and we're trying to fix a mistake that Poche hacker found here. It is one sentence, it is not a big change.

Is there another way to solve this gap in law, how do you say it does not exist? Have you not thought of anything else?

I asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs what exactly Poche is doing. It is said that the office was there before he signed an employment contract. I would like to check these gossip. Poche thought he would be the minister, so logically he came to the MFA, but one can not be there. The problem is that he has not granted a mandate to a Member of the European Parliament. If he did, he could appoint him as a political delegate. It would all be clean and I will not say it either.

You have to push. It is clear that Hamacek and Babis did nothing at all in two months. They have not done it at all and have released it. So the ministry is still in a kind of custody regime and is governed by the deputy.

Do you have any idea how to build your next political club?

I made the amendment on our system on Monday and I will now come back to the comments. The government has 30 days to comment. If the government were opposed to it, it would be a clear signal that it is not bad to mix the legislation and the executive power. But that is one of the fundamental constitutional principles on which liberal democracy is built. I would expect the government to support it.

Will this not be a coercive for the CSSD to replace his nominee at the MFA?

The Czech foreign policy appears to be the hostage of the Prague CSA, which in turn holds Hamáček, because it should support him in a number of internal battles. The Poche-controlled cell in Prague said that Poche should be there. I can imagine that the CSSD certainly has other good candidates for the post of foreign minister. But they must agree on it internally. Yes, all this indicates that it is untenable and that there is some pressure. But they did it for themselves. And as I said before, when Poche resigns from the EP, there is no problem at all. But they want to sit on two chairs at the same time, which is not possible.

How do you think? Poche remains an unofficial role for the MFA and the situation is maintained?

My suggestion will lead to talk about it. This is discussed in the government and it will be at least until the first reading in the Chamber of Deputies. There will be talk about this time and a pre-cast will take place. I therefore hope that it will contribute in an informal way to the CSSD in one way or another, reach an agreement internally and deliver a candidate who passes the Castle.

You have sent questions to the MFA regarding the involvement of Poche. Do you have any answer?

No, I have not received anything yet.

Did you talk to Poc about the situation?

He did not speak. I do not know him at all and I did not see him in my life. I talked about the foreign committee with Jan Hamacek about this, and he tolerates Poche there. But for me, Hamáček's partner. He knows my attitude.

Have you discovered how similar situations are treated in other EU countries?

No, I did not find it. I have not asked for such a study. What is fundamentally important, however, is that Poche, by his attitude, acting simultaneously in the executive power, makes the European Parliament shameful.

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