Písecké YES wants an award for Babis. He fights against stealing and submits the government, standing in the design

The President's spokesperson on October 28 does not comment.

sand – The YES Piagetary movement wants the party president and Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to receive state prizes. The local district organization supported the proposal of its member Vaclav Makrlik, who has already sent such a recommendation in a letter to President Milos Zeman.

According to Makrlik, Babiš should be given the "lifelong struggle against stealing state property and corruption related to it, for the national political stabilization of the Czech state, which he earned by forming the government."

Which special decoration Babis should have of President Milos Zeman on the occasion of the centennial commemoration of the foundation of Czechoslovakia, but that is not in the letter.

Makler does not even mind that the Prime Minister is being prosecuted for suspected subsidy fraud in connection with the Pepi & # 39; s nestfarm. "Even if it were true, he did so for the state that he had done everything," Makrlík told CTK.

"When we had a delegation, we said we agreed", Aktuálně.cz briefly told the chairman of the district organization ANO and the deputy mayor of Písek Jiří Hořánek.

Whether it is appropriate for the "struggle against stealing state property" to grant Babis, who is faced with accusations of subsidy fraud, according to the Hořánek the meeting has not ruled. "I admit we did not discuss this in detail, he came up with us, asked us for the support, we gave it to him as a regional assembly and we have not solved it," said Hořánek.

The burner admitted, however, that he had formulated a slightly different suggestion for the decoration of Babis. "On the other hand, he (Macrlík) wanted it and we said we would say support, that's all," said Hořánek, adding that he supported the proposal. "We have no reason to think that we should support it," he added.

The regional organization of the YO movement to decide the head of the movement did not vote. "Personally, I will not express an opinion because it should be an expression of a regional organization and we were not asked to solve it in any way." It is only the initiative of Mr Makrlík, "said Radka Maxova, President of the South Bohemian organization, that if another colleague of the regional presidency does not accept the proposal, they will not vote on it in the future.

Max's decorations did not support Babis, but he did not completely refuse it. "I do not think it's a current question that needs to be discussed," she told the editor.

Babiš, on the other hand, strongly disagrees with his proposal. "I do not like it, I would not accept it", wrote Aktuálně.cz.

The president's spokesperson, Jiří Ovčáček, declined to comment on the proposal. "I do not comment on modern questions by October 28," he wrote.

According to Miroslav Kalouska (TOP 09) Babiš could get the "White Stork Order in Chains".

Zeman celebrates three to four dozen people every year on 28 October. This year, at the end of July, people sent him 214 proposals. Who the president decides to award some of the orders or medals, but it depends only on him. The presidential office does not traditionally comment on the proposals.

Proposals were submitted by the Senate and the House. On the Senate list are 25 names, including Colonel Vladimir Kosan, former commander of the Holešov Airborne Regiment, who refused in August 1968 despite the threat of using weapons to keep Soviet soldiers in the construction of the barracks. Among others are former tennis player Helena Sukova, director Jiří Svoboda or neurosurgeon Eduard Zvěřina. The Chamber of Deputies, for example, suggests football keeper Petr Čech, doctor and popularizing nutritionist Rajko Doleček or war veteran Josef Ocelka. Zeman has said in recent months that the posthumous trio of Czech soldiers who died in early August in a suicide attack in Afghanistan.

On 28 October, Zeman issued 39 state awards, most for his five-year presidency. The medal for the merit of the state in the field of art was taken over by the Slovakian actor Juraj Kukura, opera singer Štefan Margita, singer Jaromír Nohavica, singer Yvetta Simonová, actor and playwright Jan Skopeček or actor Luděk Sobota.

Actor Drake has not received the prizes from the hands of the president:

I could hardly refuse to accept the prizes, I would have rejected Masaryk and the state. But I did not want to play a character, says actor Jan Kačer.

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