Police accused radicals of demonstration in Dubi of racism and theft, journalists wanted to take a camera – News.cz

Two demonstrators have, according to the police, tried to take the camera and the criminals have been accused of theft.

About 150 people sat for the city office on Saturday afternoon. The speech by Tomáš Vandas, DSSS president, shortly after his opening, interrupted the attack on the Vitashan parliamentary press.

"We originally suspected two people of hooliganism, but they were accused of theft because they tried to take the camera," police spokesman Dan Vitek said.

Four policemen accused the fact that they felt sorry for a movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms, and people are still investigating it. "They had inscriptions with racial undertones on their clothes, or they had such tattoos," Vitek said.

Demonstration in Dubi

Demonstrators, after the speech of Vandas, or head of the extreme right-wing party Kotleba-Lidová strana Our Slovakia (LSNS) Mariana Kotleby went to a local swimming pool that was closed on Saturday for preventive reasons. Then the intervention of the police ended, which was attended by the heavyweight.

The incident at the pool is being investigated by the police

At the swimming pool in Dubi two weeks ago, there was reportedly a break in women due to children on the children's pool. A young man was attacked by a young man, after a massive battle, which according to Mayor Dubi, attended by a group of Roma from Teplice, sustained injuries.

The police have accused a twenty-six-year-old woman from Teplice in connection with the skirmish, and investigate the circumstances of the event, which the participants describe differently. [celá zpráva]

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