Political salaries can rise by 20 percent, Pirates will try to prevent it

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"We have been pushing for a long time to behave like a good economist, so we think it's important for politicians to start with this behavior: if the salaries in the country grow on average by about 10 percent, it's unacceptable that politicians double , "said Ivan Bartos, director of Pirate.

The government of Andrei Babiš in the Chamber of Deputies sent the law to increase the salaries of politicians as early as May, but three meetings of deputies have been able to defend the law. In order to be accepted on time, members must approve it as soon as possible, as the law awaits three readings, then a vote in the senate and the signature of the president.

Any delay imposed on the effort to change and improve the bill increases the salary by a fifth, which also pays attention to how politicians drag their feet, how much revenue can be generated for civil servants – whether it be two, six or ten percent.

The basic salary of the deputy is now 75,900 crowns per month gross and fixed allowance for transport, food and representation of up to 39,400 crowns. From January next year, the base salary of a deputy may be 83,400 crowns, and the compensation should amount to 43,300 crowns. In fact, most members of the European Parliament take more money due to commission fees for committees or clubs. For ministers, the basic salary would increase from 144,700 to 159,100 kronor and a reimbursement from 21,100 to 23,200 kroner.

"The essence of the proposal is to maintain 2.5 times the average nominal monthly wages of natural persons in the non-business sphere as a basis for deriving the salaries of politicians instead of increasing the coefficient to 2.75. Keeping an existing figure would mean an annual saving of tens of millions of crowns, "said Mikuláš Ferjenčík, a deputy of the Pirates.

When the government, with a proposal to prevent a sharp rise in the salaries of politicians, came forward, she argued that the unprecedented increase in the salaries of government officials is not considered sufficient. But since then, most MPs have opted for tactical resistance and are trying to close their payroll considerably. Respectful government proposal does not even begin to discuss. The only people who have been talking aloud for weeks are the Pirates. However, there are only 22 of the 200 in the Chamber of Deputies.

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