Prague wants to change the bill and make a windfall for Airbnb home

PRAGUE The head of the city wants a law change that regulates the Airbnb accommodation. For example, the provider must provide housing data and Prague wants to shut down the airbnb to arrange airbnb via the rocket. It fills in the document, which I will discuss in the end. The reason for change is beyond the background of the other people. Last year, Airbnb had booked 1.79 million pence in Prague, which is 61 percent at night.

The reason why the city wants to regulate the hostel is security, the lack of accessibility for the Praany or unequal conditions and unfair competition with regard to the hotel sector. According to Prague, Airbnb has the character of a number of neighborhoods that are traditional for long-term stays.

Provide accommodation facilities to make it more effective to check if a city tax has been paid. In this context, Prague supports the amendment of the local tax law, allowing the collection and payment of local taxes to be made to the intermediary of a dormitory for the settlement of a contract with the municipality.

The metropolis also wants Airbnb to be regulated by air. Each village would have this authority and could determine the rules where necessary. The situation is specific in the municipality, so it must be the authority of the first municipal authority to decide on it in the document.

In the event that Prague could close, according to the document, it would be possible, among other things, to limit the money from the caterers' premises to set the number of days per year or to prohibit it in certain areas. A maximum number of guests can be set or allowed to be assigned to determine the type of property.

Airbnb has been operating in R since 2009. According to expert analyzes, Airbnb has met its services in Prague with its services in Prague. In addition to Airbnb market, Flipkey, Homeaway, House Trip, vacation rentals and Vrbo.

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