Repeated violation of expulsion. Boleslav has a problem with foreigners, not Czechs, says Nwelati

Raduan Nwelati (ODS) will, after 12 years at the head of the municipality of Mladá Boleslav, also look for Senator positions. To convince voters, they also try a billboard on which they declare zero tolerance for foreigners. In practice, this would mean that a foreigner who has repeatedly committed crimes must be expelled from the country. The subject was chosen because the city believed that 90 percent of the violations were committed by foreigners. "Of course we can not drive the Czechs, and I know from experience that before we had foreign employees, the problems were minimal," says the mayor who has Syrian roots in his interview for Aktuálně.cz.

Aktuálně.cz: I was intrigued by your slogan about the zero tolerance of foreigners. What should I imagine?

Raduan Nwelati: It is that foreign workers who come to Mladá Boleslav and want to work with us, will have to follow the rules. If they do not keep to that, they will drink, throw waste through the streets, work around there and use knives, so there is nothing to do with us. That is the zero tolerance.

But it is about the current laws that make it possible to punish these offenses or punishments.

That is why I stand before the Senate to change these laws. Like the Czechs who have a problem in America, they have been expelled. If they stick to laws and regulations, they are welcome here. I will be the first to welcome them.

But what is the zero tolerance? When they commit an offense, should they be expelled?

This must of course be completed. You push me somewhere I do not want to say.

There is "zero tolerance", so I ask what it means.

Is zero tolerance to murder good or bad?

Zero tolerance can also be against violations. The slogan is not meant to be more precise.

If he does it repeatedly, yes, that also applies to zero tolerance. If every day I solve that he is drunk, if he does not pay a fine, and I will enforce it, because it happens very often, and the next day it will be the same, the third day the same, of course, there comes the zero tolerance. Or do not you think?

If a foreigner repeatedly commits crimes, should he be expelled?

An intelligent man will understand that this must not be a violation. For example, if you look at the Emirates in Dubai, more than 70 percent of Indians and Pakistanis work there. And do you think the Indian is pure in nature when you look at what it looks like in India? And do you think he will throw the Indians out of the mess? Do not allow it. And why do you know that? He will do it three times and expel him and his whole family. So he is careful.

Are you sure that something similar is possible to get into the Czech legal order? This is not in conflict with Lprincipal fundamental rights and freedoms?

And do you think this does not work in America like this?

Mayor, I really do not know how it works in America, I ask the Czech legal system.

I think it works in the same way in England. It will also turn you off if you have problems.

Is the situation in Boleslav so serious that it has to be dealt with in this way?

It is absolutely very serious. And it is not only in Mladá Boleslav, but also in the neighborhood. De facto, 90 percent of the crimes committed by the city police are committed by foreigners. Almost every bigger fight, every bigger drunken party is really alien. The problem is that we get a fine and that they do nothing and continue. I think the leadership of Škoda Auto is aware of this and has therefore decided to give us money for the higher level of the city police.

And that's 90 percent of where?

It comes from the city police.

You wrote on Facebook that every foreign employee who behaves inappropriately is locked up or expelled. What if Czech workers do?

Of course we can not drive the Czechs out. And I know from experience that before we had foreign employees here, the problems were minimal. I believe that everyone will behave well. Zero tolerance for offenses should apply in a broader context, but on the other hand, expulsion should also apply to foreigners.

I will give you an example. If you are angry with a child, you will punish him, but you will not shed him. When a visit comes to you and throws your garbage into the living room or threatens your children, you throw it out of the house. Or not?

Do you think that the existing laws can not guarantee the order?

They can not do it because the only thing we can do is a fine. And the penalty is those smiling people.

So, should you rather not think about changing the law so that the repeated offense in general is heavily penalized? This is only the case for foreigners, and so many Czechs can behave like that.

Of course there were three proposals of the type and enough. And I am their supporter.

But in your slogan you focus exclusively on foreigners.

So in slogans it can not accept everything. There are a few words and I can hardly explain all variants.

And can not these slogans promote xenophobia?

Absolutely not. Everyone knows that when they asked me if the city would eventually accept immigrants, I said: Yes, if they are decent people, they will behave well and they will want to work for us. For example, we have a shortage of nurses, doctors. So I said we would accept them. And do you think he is xenophobic?

People do not necessarily have to know what your attitude is to accept migrants, but they only see this slogan, which can cause hatred for foreigners.

So he has to read everything. It is written: "Do you want to work here? Follow our rules". That is, if you keep them, we want you to be here. So it is not xenophobic.

But it is not written on the billboard that you want to go strictly against the Czech workers that they have to be punished if they repeatedly commit a crime.

Because the problem in Mlada Boleslav is currently affecting foreigners. It is not about the Czechs, it does not concern us.

You are the mayor of 12 years. Why are you coming here now?

The problem is growing over the past year. We tackle this at every management meeting and every deal with Škodovka, because they also see it as a big problem. Zero tolerance of the city police has been working for a while and we have to deal with this problem repeatedly. We strengthen city agents, their equipment, but it is practically across the border.

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