Reversal of the cause of the explosion of the house in Český Těšín: The owner (60) would be threatened with suicide!

"In addition to the enormous amount of construction material under a broken roof, heavy rain showers made it difficult at night" said the spokesperson for Moravian-Silesian firefighters Petr Kůdel.

Already on Thursday evening in the evening and the night of the rubble under the broken roof, two manned dogs searched twice for a search for a crowd, but without a more accurate result. The surface was illuminated by strong balloon lamps.

The neighbors speculated on the spot that he could commit suicide. He often shouted that he would kill himself. "But there is also a decline in gas," said one of the local men.

The firefighters search in Český Těšín the rubble of the house, which burst on the ground after the explosion on August 30th. HZS of the Moravia-Silesia region

"The Huddig multi-function articulated hauler of the Hlucin Rescue Service, more than twenty professional firefighters and fire brigade and police fire brigade worked on the site all night", added Kudel and continued: "After searching for a large part of the rubble, including the basement, the search was stopped, without anyone else in the rubble of the collapsed object."

The roofs had to be cut

The tractor first removed the two sheet metal roofs from the ruins of the house with a special pliers, laid after the reconstruction of the house that she carried, which fell to the level of the ground floor after the explosion. "The large roof slabs have been cut by firemen on narrower plates by cutting saws to make the tractor work more easily" Kůdel described the work.

The tractor carefully pushed the beams and roof plates away. Rubble sought by firefighters and criminals is gradually weighed at the landfill.

The explosion in the house took place on Thursday afternoon. What it has caused is not yet known. From the wreck on Thursday, the rescuer escaped a seriously injured man (60) who suffered deep burns on his head, hands and feet, accounting for about 40 percent of the body surface. Provisional damage to the house is estimated at 2.5 million crowns.

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