Roundup definitely ends in the Czech Republic! He can say that he can cause cancer

"Spraying with glyphosate is only possible if another effective procedure can not be used," says Minister for Agriculture Miroslav Toman (CSSD). The use of glyphosate in agriculture is a very controversial topic. It talks about its impact on human health.

The fact that this substance is carcinogenic has been discussed for several years. The World Health Organization ranked 2015 as a substance that is likely to be carcinogenic. But other studies deny that glyphosate could be one of the possible carcinogens.

"We should replace glyphosate with substances that are less friendly to nature," said Jan Ulrich, Director of the Agricultural Union of the Czech Republic (ZSČR). He adds that glyphosate is very difficult to replace in agriculture. The alternatives would therefore not only damage the environment, but also the financial budget of Czech farmers. "We are based on well-known research that has already been carried out a few times, but the results vary," says Ulrich.

Perhaps the most famous mouse study from 2017 shows that glyphosate actually causes malignant tumors. However, the director of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic says: "The animals were given many more doses than normal in the fields, so I find the results somewhat misleading."

The substance glyphosate blocks enzymes in weed plants, without which they can not survive. However, the metabolism of animals and humans works on a very different principle, so the substance has much less effect on metabolism.

"Glyphosate is also used in all other countries and we have no reason to use substances that have been shown to be harmful to health, and we produce the food we consume," Ulrich concludes.

On the contrary, ecologists are satisfied with the decision. "That glyphosate is not a substitute, is a lie, and it may turn out to be smaller organic farmers who show the whole society that they are going without this substance," says Jan Piños, spokesperson for the DUHA Ecological Movement.

He also says that glyphosate is not only carcinogenic, but also harmful to the human hormonal system and can also interfere with the development of the fetus during pregnancy.

The DUHA movement would also prohibit the use of the roundap to provide public green areas such as trees, lawns, city parks, and so on.

"In the Czech Republic we can find cities that have completely removed glyphosate from public health care such as Most of Brno, replacing the use of glyphosate in other ways – for example with hot water, which is effective and ecological," adds Piňos.

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