Safety standards at summer festivals

We served as the deputy of the Faculty of Security in Ostrava and the Presidential Council of the police on standards for the prevention of music productions, summer festivals and events under Irish. Describe in the paper the responsibilities and obligations of the main subjects, namely the applicant and the state (city, municipality), the smugglers to the opiates, and prevent the occurrence of extraordinary events in the mentioned actions and the protection of the so-called cl.



First of all, before the contents of our book & # 39; Safety Standards at Summer Festivals for Animal Protection & # 39; do not go to prevention, duty and training to talk about the first organizer (the poet) who falls under music or culture. With the summer holidays, music festivals are the most popular festivals to listen to music, to get to know, to relax and to drink not only jdla, but also alcohol under the sky. Kadoron is becoming increasingly popular at such music festivals, and for the poet, in addition to the one connected with him, he is positive in the form of a joke, it also means a duty for a statute and legislation that, in the case of a podcast or a failure, a big problem. We are talking about the protection of some of the phenomenon of contemporary times from the point of view of security. In many cases we have one city in one and 25 thousand. nvtvnk, which not only stands out from the point of view of a perpetrator, but with some spirit it wants to cause injury or death on the nvtvnkm, but also a security banner, which guarantees the safety of the oppressed themselves. Especially it is the employee of Police R and the poet in the hands of the singers and during the musical production. Here is the need in the water to talk about the basic law that I, respectively. he must have such a musical production. unit
especially when it comes to knowledge of the basic elements of private and public life. In the case of a citizen, the princes have the power to consume their first aid (see Obanskkonkon) if there is a threat to the public authority. In the public domain, the permissiveness of a person in extreme urgency (in case the danger is threatened by a serious crime) and the need for defense (in the case of an imminent or permanent loss of income) based on the law on accusations and punishments . According to the first prosecutor, the first person to contact the police for the protection of persons and property, the public police, etc. (law on the police and the general police law), for offenses, crimes or other actions that must to be executed or executed (law on criminal, criminal and administrative liability).

Besides the enthusiasm of the poet, he or she is in the balance of the village, there is a music festival or production. Then it goes back to the municipal law, the protection of pornography and the legislation on the protection of health against harmful substances, where the municipality has a general interest in generating false positives.

Obligations of the applicant in music production

One of the main obligations of the applicant in these cases is undoubtedly the obligation to adhere to the municipality or the region, to give general permission for the public space and to adhere to the conditions imposed on the protection of the public yoke, usually in the form of certain actions. To protect pornography, the promoter must be careful not to make portions, create conditions for the prevention of poros and to link the traffic and access areas for HZS, no road and preventive pornography. Legislation on waste treatment provides a way to protect public health, in particular not to exceed the noise limit, to stop land transport or landfill, to enable diversion, to improve communication at the place of production. hamper and obstruct. the applicant is obliged to offer material and personal help to the police and the commander of the conspiracy free of charge and without undue delay.

The Ministry of the Interior publishes, in cooperation with the police, general standards for the production of music productions for the general public and the applicant.

It is recommended to mention how the imperatives should not be missed in the general crossings of the city and the municipality with regard to the prevention of safety at festivals and other musical productions, not only in the air. There is a precise definition of the necessary obligation to inform the applicant, eg regulation of the event and type of event, number of days, limitation of the obligation of the organizer (identification and contact with the applicant, connected to him / her, as well as terminated, the number of persons who provide the post-security service, etc.). This defines the obligations of the applicant with regard to the need for security requirements in the ratio of minimum 3/100 tzn. 3 people safety free for 100 persons from ad nvtvnk, doloit village first title of the place, mark and arrange venues, work together with Police R, to ensure that participants in the event the action weapons, vbuniny, holaviny, pyrotechnics, do not know objects in time to nsil or nsil and to determine the conditions for securing the protection pornography.

In line with basic safety standards recommended for the standards, the councils, including the contact center of the applicant, act as a DC for every crisis situation, where it is necessary to consult a policeman who will not only act with police officers, but will also help personal helpers. services and safety of persons for the reconstruction of the public pod. For the forces and resources of the rescue and safety components, when they visit the city, it is necessary to ensure that they can settle and settle in the vicinity of the action, so that the slogans for the event are ready this without undue delay. Process and provide the name and contact list of the applicant and give him a secure page.

Threat analysis and risk assessment

When analyzing threats, you have to respond mainly to the question of where to anticipate incidents, to persecute poas, to recapitulate the incident of the pedestrians, where the fossils are stored and how to use fireworks for pyro-infections, if these pots, when and where is the highest concentration of people, etc. Responsibility and the abovementioned risks are not to be underestimated – they are over! The city where the incidents can be predicted is suitable for monitoring, physically taking a security guard, and even camera surveillance. The information about punishment is necessary because it affects the movement of people in case of evacuation from the city, the number of events, the chance of throwing weapons under the barbed wire, the clocks, the child, etc. In the case of waiting for masses in one city, it will probably come (eg logistics, slippers, etc.), which can indicate situations and circumstances so that you can get rid of them. ukonit. In the risk assessment it is then appropriate to prepare a safety and coordination communication, to use a card to browse through the security personnel and to coordinate the bus. An important role is played by the introduction of the so-called "house" duty, which for reasons of transparency must be developed in all starting podium locations and not even on the ticket. All flats and squares of nvtvnk tzn. to reveal the visible contact details of the event or contact person for the event, which
you know the production. Before uploading a warning for asthmatics in the beginning to evacuate or call the CD for the coordination of security staff, and to indicate that extraordinary behavior occurs via the password or passwords via the media.

Security checks and their standards

The most immediate moment of security is the entry check, so it must be consistent, thorough and accurate. Check whether the person should check both the and the space, that is to say. the applicant must provide sufficient room for the event so that the queens are not worn, because the nervousness is increased, they are not aggressive and the verbal and non-verbal attention of the controlling person is controlled by the control itself. It is also necessary to check vehicles and spaces of the vehicle, including VIPs. The whole prbh event then follows the suspects of the breeders in the arel or in the mst horse action control. But also preventively check the area of ​​outbound travel of people who have been removed from the access control. It is necessary to keep the police informed about the weapons, suspects and suspects of persons who have been denied access control.

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FIG. 1 An image of the festival in Ostrava [1]

Definition of mkkho cle

Sometimes we point to objects, areas or actions that are characterized by the presence of people and at the same time are absent from security against violence. These objects, cities and actions are selected as clusters of violent fluxes, typically a terrorist flow, or can cause a very large number of health and life-threatening diseases, and thus they can ignore the extraordinary attention of the public and the MDI. very effective to negatively influence the psyche of the population. These are hard targets, hard clusters that flow well and steamy objects (eg some objects, military objects, objects with other security functions, but also some time-consuming and lightweight objects).


Standards and preventive abortions of the poet, in connection with the state of safety and rescue, are only a guide for both the first and preventive prevention of a security-free incident and the rotation of the militants against armed perpetrators, the suicide terrorists by psychologically unstable people. The situation, the circumstances and the organization of the music production are a bag of offenders and it is therefore necessary to evaluate and prevent preventive norms, capacities and obligations laid down in this document, and also to determine individual circumstances of special circumstances. ask.

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