Satisfaction questionnaire: the minister looks at health care!

"Feedback from the field is very important to us, so we decided to conduct our own questionnaire survey and not rely on surveys and information from other topics." I hope that the survey will include the maximum number of respondents, "said Health Minister Adam Vojtěch.

You can find the questionnaire HERE, available for two months – until the second half of October. It is also available in the healthcare institutions themselves and on the facebook of the ministry.

You can express yourself in terms of working and wage conditions, factors that affect your satisfaction in the workplace, or explain why you might want to leave your job. All answers are anonymous.

The questionnaire is only for non-medical professions – ie nurses, aid workers, plumbing, nurses, physiotherapists, medical assistants, If you are in a non-medical profession, try it HERE.

"I look forward to the results of the survey, and I expect the respondents to receive new information and suggestions that will improve working conditions and the health of health professionals in the workplace," Vojtech added.

According to the ministry, the questionnaire has been drawn up in recent months, among others at the initiative of the broad professional public and the staff of hospitals and other healthcare institutions. His evaluation should, of course, take place on a continuous basis as well as afterwards.

The research must produce a strategic document that the Ministry communicates to individual healthcare institutions. But if someone supervises the implementation of the recommendations in the document, the ministry has not yet mentioned this.

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