Seniors and students pay even less in public transport in Prague –

The discount is derived from the program description of the government, which states that students younger than 26 and seniors older than 65 years reduce train traffic. The integrated transport in Prague includes the connections to which the discount applies.

"Just like the government, Prague has reduced rates for students and seniors, saving more than 60 percent of their annual fare, and can also buy an annual coupon," said deputy mayor Petr Dolínek (CSSD).

Students and seniors can buy three types of discount coupons at the same time. The first is monthly for CZK 130, quarterly for CZK 360 or annually for the mentioned 1280 crowns. Students receive a coupon and a holiday. So far they have been able to buy a coupon of up to ten months.

This year's loss of tens of millions

Coupons always have two forms, either with a free choice or from the first of the month. They can not buy the coupon until 60 days before the validity date. At the same time, the discount coupons of five and ten months are canceled.

Loss of ticket sales this year will be covered by the urban budget and will be included in the draft budget for next year for 2019. The loss this year should be tens of millions of crowns. As far as the tariff is concerned, the Prague transport company (DPP) opts for around four billion kroner annually.

The discount for students and seniors has already been determined by the city. Prague councilor in the middle of June, Dolínek refused the proposed tariff reduction for students aged 15 to 26 up to 365 kroner per year. On the contrary, they agreed to buy a regular annual coupon in installments.

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