Seventeen-year-old Eva got a heart attack and was rescued by police officers with a defibrillator –

"It was a terrible experience, we felt utterly helpless, although we tried to help the child as much as possible," she described as a dramatic situation on Wednesday when her daughter, Eva Jelínková, repeatedly arrested her.

"We were revived by e-mail based on telephone instructions, we were very scared and we were very relieved when police officers appeared," Jelínková said.

Police officers Martin Vlk and Petr Benedikt immediately started a heart massage for the girl and at the same time sent two electric shocks to the body of the girl. The hospital showed that the girl had a heart defect and that a defibrillator rescue had saved her life.

He will come who is closer

The defibrillator (AED) is equipped with a few patrols that have a special training to operate the device. They operate under the First Responder project, which is part of the South Moravian Emergency Health Service and the regional police.

Trained police officers in AED-equipped cars are sent to a location where help is needed when a police car is at a shorter driving distance than a rescue vehicle.
"In fact, we are doing this to cover the available places in the remote region and driving times," explains Milan Klusák, director of South Moravian Rescue. The police in the region already have 75 AEDs.

The first aid question is an automatic process in which both the police and the police station in the South Moravia region are connected, and in both departments the emergency call for help appears regardless of where the relatives of the affected person, for example, call the cardiac arrest.

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