She started herself, the man said. He was fifteen years old and tried to kill a postman –

"The incident, as described by the accused, has no support for further evidence, and above all the version refutes the victim's testimony", she said and refused the statement of the President of the Senate, Iva Říhová. "That testimony is supported by the other evidence that has been provided," she added.

She said she was absolutely an attempted murder, and Miriet's behavior was immediately aimed at deliberately killing the wounded. "The act of completing the law did not happen with many happy circumstances," the judge said.

Miřetínský, according to an indictment, attacked a 48-year-old postal courier, his friend, in the residential district of Mladá Boleslav. He walked behind her at the entrance and as she handed the mail he stepped from behind and pulled out a long, sharp object – both a knife and a screwdriver – in which he was beaten several times in her throat. Then the woman still grabbed her hand and pulled her bag of 68,000 crowns to pay her income.

According to the public prosecutor, Miretínsky interrupted the passing woman and escaped the man from the crime scene. The attacker has delivered the rescue service that is life-saving. The policeman fell about two hours later.

Miřetínský refused to testify in court, Judge Iva Říhová read his testimony at the police. There the man said that he had not taken the woman. He admitted he was in the scene, had a knife in his hand, but he certainly did not cut.

He made a disguise

Miřetínský had a plan. Last year he received 230 thousand crowns from the divorce proceedings, but he invested in his refreshment mode within a few months.

"I was wondering if she could do anything to lose the moneybag," Mirietinsky said.

With his knowledge he did not share the plan before the fateful February day, but he prepared himself for him. He waited for the postman, and when he came into the house he approached her. "I asked her," Dasa, what are you doing for money? "She said immediately," No, "Mirietin said, pulling out the knife and pushing it against his throat.

"I tried to remove her bag with money, and at that moment she started to defend herself, I wanted to pull the cable with even more force, and as she pulled the cable to her, she had a knife on her knife, about four. times, "he described the Miinin situation.

"Suddenly she fell to the floor and shouted:" He wants to kill me! "He added.

They have known it for fifteen years

Court expert Olga Plock Tatičová excluded his theory. Even the postmaster described it a bit differently.

"He climbed behind me at the entrance and handed over the mail, he hissed, pulled out a knife, and said," How do you want me to stab me? "Mirietinsky said he paused and then began to point out The woman managed to escape, but the man caught her and attacked her again.

"He picked up my hand, he saw that blood was flowing from me and he ran away," the woman continued.

Miřetínský then returned to the wounded. "He asked me:" Have you seen me? "I said," Motherfucker, you came here to kill me and you ask me if anything happened to me? "" Then Mirietin gave her about three wounds with a fist, moneybag and escaped.

The defendant knew about fifteen years with the postmaster, they went together in the past and separated less than a year before the act. "I wanted to be her friend, I think she wanted to be a friend of mine," Merytinsky said. According to the attacker, it was not so friendly.

Mirietin continued her, sending her an SMS as: "I love you, and you & # 39; re on me". In the end she threatened her, if she did not go after him, she would call her current friend. "There were no conflicts between us, she just told me not to call her," said Materin's relationship.

The woman, after the defendant, claimed 104 thousand crowns for lost income, painful and psychological suffering, the court recognized compensation.

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