Shifting summer and winter time is an unnecessary surprise, say Czech companies

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Changing winter and summer time is an unnecessary surprise. This has been explained by representatives of Czech companies today, who support the European Commission's move, which will be confirmed in the coming weeks, and will propose a cancellation of the annual summer shift to EU Member States and the European Parliament for approval. Submit.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce stated that it clearly preferred the return to a conservative approach. "The existence of winter and summer time is a surprise that has no place in a modern democratic society.The directional and centrally determined change of time is an outdated and technical-technical approach, which at the moment has no real justification", said room of spokesman Miroslav Diro.

The original reason for the introduction of the summer time in the form of energy saving by the Chamber of Commerce has been abolished, the time shift brings additional costs at the moment. "Not just about organizing work in the form of more administration In the days after the time changes, there is more work-related injuries, there is also a decrease in the productivity of employees as a result of lower concentration and fatigue. against the mentioned energy savings, "Diro added.

Similarly, the situation is seen by the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic. "From the point of view of industry, this is not a topic that companies would discuss today – even large companies, including the most energy-intensive companies, such as steel producers, steel plants or cement factories, produce non-stop in exchange operations and do not solve the timeshift. shifting summer and winter time or the possible elimination of it will not affect most industrial companies, "spokesperson Eva Veličková said.

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Energy expert Karel Polanecký, Duha of the movement, noted that, although he had devoted himself to the subject in the past, he could not find any concrete quantification of the energy savings of the summer. "It may have been useful in her time to distribute the load better during the day, but I do not think that makes sense with the current configuration of consumption patterns," he said.

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The European Commission has decided to approve the proposal on the basis of a public consultation in which 84 percent of the respondents have decided to cancel the annual change in time. In the poll, three million people in Germany, according to CTK, according to CTK, voted about 64,000 people, 83 percent of whom wanted to have time to stop changing. However, due to the size of the population, the number of respondents is low, with 3.79% of the population in Germany, 0.59% in the Czech Republic.

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