Since January, the Ministry of Agriculture has signed the protection of the soil against erosion

Ministry of the earth

The Ministry of Agriculture (MZe) wants to write protection against erosion from January. / photo illustration

The Ministry of Agriculture (MZe) wants to write protection against erosion from January. Protected areas are expected to grow to 25 percent of the country in the world, while they now stand at 10.5 percent. Farmers at risk for crops on eroded endangered species have protective dogs suitable for crops such as pink or long grain. Until now they had to reach a minimum of 12 meters, from January it will be 22 meters. The deputies admitted it today.

The ministry ends with an anti-erosion eradication program. According to the idea, which is respected to send to one villa, it must also be a condition that the principles of anti-erosion protection of the soil must be carried out by all those who are in the PD-cafés, not just the tenants of dotac. The final penalty for defaults would be one million crowns, which the municipality would have to decide with a settlement together with the government administration.

"Completely fulfilled in agricultural land is a prerequisite for the agricultural obligation and the standard of good agricultural and environmental condition (DZES) of the country," said ad. For example, the standard prohibits the use of corn for the most difficult pdch. One of his (DZES 5) wants the ministry to write off from January. "Farmers at risk of crops on eroded areas will have to protect their dogs, which at the end of the year determine the length of the plume to burn the land, which has delayed the drainage of water and the sedimentation of unified wells", said Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman (for the SSD). According to her, a lot of the farmer at this moment.

In the case of erosion monitoring systems, erosion monitoring systems are also available. "This system is considered to be a member and a member of the institution in case an inappropriate farmer could lead to erosion.We want to monitor the monitoring of the conditions in DZES 5 and their accuracy.the percentage of the country where the registered ground practices will be applied ", the minister added.

Agrrn Chamber R. Pedpis ml has repeatedly opposed the erosion outbreak by the middle of the year before. So when he came to the interdepartmental pimp in June last year, he fell in the fall. Perhaps the activity was postponed for a year because of the legacy of agrotechnical work.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the water erosion in R is hampered and 60 percent of the farmland, the pond in the threats and the most threatened categories, is about 35 percent of the country.


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