Smell and 200 pounds of fish and seafood. They found another illegal shop in Prague

Food was not labeled, misunderstood some things, the operator was unable to provide proof of origin on the spot.

Prague – Veterinarians discovered another illegal warehouse in Prague, this time in Holešovice. They found 200 kilos of frozen fish and seafood. The operator who delivers food to the farmers' markets in Jiřího z Poděbrad and Holešovice, places a fine of up to 50 million.

Food was unlabelled, misunderstood, the operator was unable to provide proof of origin on the spot, Petr Majer of the national veterinary administration said. Veterinarians have found illegal stores in Prague 9 and 10 in recent days.

"The operation of the food was not approved by the veterinary supervision and the location did not meet the animal health and hygiene requirements for the set-up, cleanliness and equipment.The products stored in the frozen state were not identified and could not be more clearly identified Some were packaged in microtene packaging, smelled or changed in color, "said Majer.

Products were thrown away and veterinarians ordered the removal at the expense of the operator. "We assume that the products were stored before they were put on the market, or they were products that were not sold and were already on the market – we do not know for sure at the moment and we found out that the operator should make fish salad and fish soup. offered the subject of the survey where these foods were made, "added Majer.

This is the number one case of an illegal warehouse found in Prague. In the last few days the vets discovered one in Hostivař and the other in Vysočany, they were dried baby milk from Great Britain or Czech black velvet. Dried infant milk found by veterinarians 740 kilograms. There were 100 kilos of frozen meat preparations in the high-storey warehouse.

Veterinarians already informed about the buildings in Horní Počernice in Prague in May, where they dispose of 110 kilograms of fish products. In November last year they discovered a warehouse in Prague 6, where frozen Vietnamese fish, fish from Korea were canned and frozen beef from Austria. There were a total of 2.6 tonnes of animal products. Meat went to restaurants in Prague and surroundings.

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