Social networks for up to 15 years? Pirates require a cut limit

The government proposal stipulates that children under the age of 15 can not allow internet providers to process personal data without the consent of their parents. The Ministry of the Interior has initially proposed a two-year reduction, but the government has set 15 years in line with the age limit for children's civil and criminal responsibility.

Martinek advocated a reduction by placing 11 of the 28 EU countries, including Poland, for the lowest possible age limit. He remembered a study in which three-fifths of the children ignore age restrictions on the Internet or point to an age that is higher than real.

Although these children have so far violated the rules of social network operators, their conduct would have been illegal, Martínek said.

The opponents of the argument argued that the adulthood of the child was necessary. According to Mark Benda (ODS), the cut-off would increase Internet access to personal data for other age groups. "I do not know why the limits for those companies should be limited," he said.

The EU standard allows states to choose the age limit for data processing consent between 13 and 16 years of age. Trade unions and employers' associations have demanded the highest limit. However, the Interior Ministry said it was inappropriate for an almost 16-year-old child to receive permission from his legal representatives, for example to install and use a communication application or social network when he is fully criminally responsible.

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