Stolen cars have dropped significantly and burglary is less

Cologne – Cities are in central Bohemia, not only for places where vehicles are on their way to life, but also for places where they are more threatened during parking. They are aimed at thieves who fall on the entire vehicle, as well as the thieves who do things that people have let in and with which money can easily be earned. Similarly in other, more problematic areas, traditionally Mlada Boleslav, Kladensko – and in recent years also with increasing intensity of the nearest neighborhood of the capital.

However, the Kutná Hora region has not disappeared recently. The local police are looking for a thief who took the new motorcycle for 420,000 kroner during the night on the second Sunday of September. She disappeared in front of the cottage in Masarykovo in Soběšín.

The whole series of thefts

But thieves can appear anywhere. A larger set of stolen cars is solved by police officers in Benesov. They are looking for unknown perpetrators (or possibly individuals) who have already hit the region in different places. At least it seems that the same people are in all cases; the scenario of the burglars is almost identical, said Veronika Čermáková of the Benešov police on Tuesday. There is only prey: once it was money, sometimes a mobile phone, but also a tool, sunglasses or a backpack.

The police believe that this series would not be of long duration – not even with the help of the public. Cermakova recalled the case of September 4, when someone entered the car that stood at the parking lot of the Chocerades station at night. The camera system in this area captured the passage of an old audience – probably silver – and the police believe that observing witnesses could bring them to its driver. Whether the driver or the owner logs on. "It could help with his testimony to clarify matters that the police are currently working on," explained Čermáková.

Although similar cases can arouse excitement and arousing emotions in the region, police records are beneficial for motorists: they suggest that the thief belonging to cars is on the run. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Pavel Trux from the headquarters of the central police. "The current trend is that the number of car theft is steadily declining Recently, cases of luxury vehicles stolen with the so-called" keyless startup "have been reported," he called a keyless technology that can help readers, jammers, or electronic signal amplifiers in their lives .

Unpleasant experience

On police statistics, Milan is somewhat suspicious and his car has become deadly nightly parking in Prague. The unknown perpetrator penetrated the glass to break into. Except for the flashlight in the door box, he found nothing that suited him, but he had six thousand damage. The one who has it has not found the police yet – and Milan doubts today whether it would be logical to report a case if something like that happened again. "Just a waste of time, I volunteered a DNA sample – and nothing has ever been investigated and I have not received a crown from the insurance company," summarizes his experience. He said that the operator had already indicated at his first contact that if it is not a new car, a car in leasing or total damage, the calculation will be such that it is the five-thousand co-ownership of more than six-year-old car & # 39; s will damage (when the calculation – instead of the repair -). "It took only a thousand, because before I saw the liquidator pick up a hole in the car, I could not pick up the car for repair – and I had to pay for a guarded parking lot so that someone could not look inside," added Milan toe.

His idea that, after a similar experience, some could resign from the emergency call, police officials did not respond. Although the number of car thefts dropped year-in-year, the burglaries have decreased considerably, but so dramatically. "In principle, the number of burglaries only falls slightly – or it stays at a comparable level as in previous years," said Trux. There is a clear decrease in the reported theft of parts – and police authorities say that the typical "thief" in this area does not exist now. The history of the theft of headlights, catalytic converters, built-in navigation or airbags is known from the past. Or tank tanks.

The impact on the decline in theft activity can not only improve the safety of cars, but also less opportunities to make money with prey. Without impact, the police do not even need preventive activities under the Safe Cities project.

The development of crime related to cars in Central Bohemia
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Car theft 1949/201 1641/253 1283/177 1134/177 1039/214 962/200 837/170 595/151 457/116 329/89 280/86
Theft on two-wheelers 74/7 83/13 63/9 65/8 74/15 74/18 58/13 45/11 37/16 38/9 47/15
Theft of cars 4442/215 3964/219 3218/299 2204/248 2220/146 2309/199 1597/188 1128/149 861/138 717/84 656/133
Theft of vehicle parts 371/17 252/20 304/13 726/101 758/63 940/108 643/99 394/112 286/44 281/43 239/32

Data for the Central Bohemia region are always the first eight months of the year (January to August). The facts found / declared are listed for each year.

The police advise on protecting the car against thieves

– Lock the vehicle when you leave it with the windows closed, even if you are driving away to expose the purchase
– Never leave the spare keys or the technical license in the car
– Before leaving the car, he checks that there are no "valuable" objects in it – not only for wallets or electronics, but also for expensive toys or more expensive clothes (thieves can also put on an apparently unimportant thing that stays on the chair)
– Choose parking as clear, well-lit and visited places
– When selecting roof racks, give priority to those that can be locked
– It is important not only to buy, but also to use, the retrofitted security equipment (electronic or mechanical)

Source: police of the Czech Republic

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