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Where is the truth? There is an expert opinion that clearly stated that H-System had assets against CZK 359 million at the time of the 1998 collapse, which was the price of the country it owned

The Prague City Court, which in 2004 received 12 years imprisonment received. Law

H-System had more than 1.5 billion crowns available to start a project in which people promised cheap homes.

  Houses in Horoměřice, which former customers of the failed company H-System completed with their own use of

Houses in Horoměřice, former customers of the bankrupt company H-System have self-help

PHOTO: Jan Handrejch, Právo

The money was lost on the accounts of affiliates. (19459011) After the bankruptcy was pronounced, H-System had virtually empty accounts and land and owned H-System land in Horoměřice, Statenice, Lichoceves and Velké Přílepy, ie in the villages around Prague, the places where misled clients had to live

Other plots were in Kamyk, Nouton or Prague, Libni and Troja, but the problem was that a large number of parcels served as a promise for the grant of a loan of one hundred million dollars. These lands were also unlawfully leased to the Svatopluk Building Cooperative, for which besides Smetka the former chairman of the Tenant Association and Ivan Král, a member of the H-System board, were sentenced to a suspended sentence

Smetka protests

Smetka in court The punishment is defended by the fact that the H-system had billions of possessions. "If the average real estate company worked with us, the property was sold in complete bundles and complete projects with an estimated four billion crowns", he told Pravo Smetka.

In addition to Horomerice, currently bankruptcy manager Josef Monsport at the housing cooperative Svatopluk, the other country was already sold out. According to Smetka, the price was considerably lower than the price, which Monsport rejects in principle.
Smetka appreciated the bulk of the country in Lichoceves near Prague, which according to him sold more than 1.5 billion crowns

Monsportland sold 843 thousand square meters for 17 million crowns, because it was a building land and not a building site. Smetka did not like the sale of land in Bohnice, which had already been prepared for construction, including all permits and basic excavations

  Josef Monsport "title =" Josef Monsport "/> <span class=

Josef Monsport


] Finally, the manager sold it for 70 million crowns to the developer company FINEP, which then built 1100 homes, and the same Monsporta developer also acquired land in the Velké Chuchle in Prague, where luxury villas were built
. Smetka's estimate but the project in Bohnice was sold as a single package of 200 million crowns, some of which investors were interested in the past in the past

On the site in Velké Chuchl they claim that at least a quarter of a billion kronor are pledged also sold to the other country by the curator
Monsport himself did not want to be more specific about Smetka's claim with which he had been so often for the past fifteen years has done before he sold the land, the intention to approve the bankruptcy court and the creditors' committee

The error manager refuses

In addition, his procedure for the sale of land based on criminal records several times police checked. "

The lawyer is convinced that some of them try to mess with him while looking for a compromise with Svatopluk about sixty apartments in houses in Horoměřice

homes ask Monsport 140 million crowns without their appreciation, what according to his estimate another 90 million crowns
The alleged curators of the bankruptcy are also prepared to file a criminal complaint

As announced, they should focus on Senator Jiří Čunka (KDU-ČSL), but apparently also on Smetka and the representative of the Svatopluk Building Co-operative, Martin Junk and Ivan Krále

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