Study: the quality of young teachers in the Czech Republic is extremely imbalanced

The authors Daniel Münich and Jana Krajčová concentrated on three areas of literacy, mathematical skills and digital technology (ICT). They examined their levels for the entire population and for teachers under 45 and between 45 and 60 years. Although the average level of Czech teacher skills is similar to that of another country, researchers have found a significant difference in looking at age groups. "The heterogeneity of skills among Czech teachers is at an average international level, but it hides a very dynamic increase in the heterogeneity of reader and ICT skills in the younger generation of teachers, which is extremely high and incomparable with what we have in other see countries ", according to the authors.

The most obvious are the differences between young teachers in the Czech Republic with reading skills. "The Czech Republic has a high percentage of young teachers with a low level of reading ability, which is well below the average of the younger adult population," the study said. According to the authors, it suggests that when some younger teachers have decided on their profession in the past, reading skills have not played a role. "The graph shows that there are a number of teachers who are above-average reader literate, but also those who are part of the standard population, often middle-aged," said Münich.

According to him, it shows the current crisis when there is not much interest in the teaching profession. "The system is grateful to everyone who is willing to exercise this profession, and he sees both in how much he can express or understand the texts," he said. At the same time, Munich was of the opinion that the differences in quality of young teachers have continued to increase since the data collection in 2012. It would require more detailed national research to provide current information about younger age groups or regions.

According to the authors of the study, the great variation is that the level of education fluctuates per region, school and class. Differences in exchanges between teachers and generations will continue to rise, especially as the number of teachers practicing the profession before 1989 has decreased. These teachers form a group whose members have a comparable level of skills. According to researchers, this is also due to the fact that the earlier selection process of teachers did not allow too much heterogeneity.

The results also show that there are more women in Czech schools than in other countries, namely 75.6 percent. The average for the countries studied is 70.6 percent, the lowest percentage of women in education is Denmark with 62.4 percent of the teachers. The average age of teachers in the Czech Republic is 46 years, the average abroad is 44.2 years. According to last year's statistics, the teaching profession in the Czech Republic is associated with the financial rating, the worst of the OECD countries. The IDEA think tank of last year showed this.

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