Supreme Court refuses to appeal to Cypriot who has been convicted for murdering young girlfriend in Prague –

The twenty-year-old Ukraine lost her life on 3 or 4 July 1999 in a rented apartment in the street Kodaňská in Prague 10. Her body was found by a cleaning lady. The attack included 51 stab wounds and five knife wounds.

After the event Mansour flew home to Cyprus. The local authorities then demanded the transfer of his criminal prosecution to Cyprus, but then, despite the urgency of the Czech party for many years, nothing happened. Cyprus finally transferred Mansoura to the Czech Republic on the basis of a European arrest warrant, after the Cypriot constitution, which previously did not allow extradition to foreigners, changed.

A foreigner who was sixty already denied the debt. He said that he and his friends had felt for a while that they had been looking at someone. It was reportedly the Palestinians who gave him the envelope and he had to pass it on, which he did not. On the day of the murder he went to the water house of the cistern and when he returned to the apartment, he found two Palestinians and a dying man with two knives in his throat.

Jawad Mansour at the Municipal Court in Prague in July 2017

The fact that he had cut wounds shortly after the murder, Mansour explained by cutting himself when the knives drew the body of his girlfriend. A biomechanics expert, however, said it was unlikely.

The Cypriot judgments clearly show that Mansour strangled another young Ukrainian in his homeland two years after the Prague incident. He received 12 years in prison but was released prematurely. Then he tried to kill another partner from abroad – he first stuck his face and cut it off. He prevented witnesses at the end of the act. The motive of his actions was jealousy. In the Czech Republic the man had a clean register and the Czech courts had to regard him as an unstoppable man.

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