The autumn cell on the square in Brno cools the environment. It will help where trees do not grow – ČT24 – Czech television

Until now, people in Brno could hide under parasols, tree crowns or with fog from a special device in the square in front of the sun. Now they will have another option to help them deal with extreme weather – a new cell on Malinovské náměstí.

It originated in response to climate change and operates according to the principle of rainwater management. "From the roof we put rainwater in a biofilter tank where it is cleaned with sedimentation, and the plants are also helped by the filtration process," said author Vojtech Lekeš.

The rainwater fills the plants that cool the square

Purified water continues into storage and storage tanks, which distribute water to individual plants by means of drip irrigation. The green on the structure then cools the environment and provides shadow passage.

"It offers an environment where people can sit and read, and we chose wood without finishing," Tom Baš Kozelský said. Similar cells can help in places where they can not plant trees or can not stay there for a long time.

"That's why we were looking for another way to get green into the city," said deputy mayor of the Environment, Martin Ander (SZ). If everything works well, people will encounter several mobile squares in a couple of years on similar mobile cells.

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