The bear in Vsetín rages on strength and loses shyness. People suffer –

"We'll drop it tonight or tomorrow (Wednesday), let's see when we come back," Bojda said. However, the cage is still stored at a preliminary location before a suitable flow area is identified. The request for an exception for the catch was submitted by the municipalities to the regional authorities, the catch was also recommended today by the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic (AOPK ČR), the bear gradually lost its embarrassment, the proximity of people does not matter, and his audacity increases.

"Bear & # 39; s snatch is the ultimate solution, and we have thought it over carefully." His behavior was also discussed with colleagues from Slovakia, who have more experience with bears. is afraid, just because it comes from detention, we have advised the Regional Authority for security reasons to allow its detention, "said František Šulgan of AOPK Czech Republic.

Exceptional situation

According to the classical procedure, the request can be processed within 15 days at the earliest. Governor Jiří Čunek (KDU-ČSL) said on Monday that it was an extraordinary situation. "The standard course can not be respected right now, the law allows us to carry out the capture while driving," said the governor.

Until now it is also unclear where the captured bear would pass. The animal can be released in the wild, but it is necessary to have the permission of the owner or the land manager. The second option is to place in the zoo.

The bear, which is estimated at about four years old, has this year pulled fruit to the proximity of human housing and must be fed for the winter. "He registers the area here, has prepared beehives, how many unprotected cattle, there is a lot of fruit, abandoned orchards, there is a scattered area," Sulgan said earlier.

Guardians of nature: the bear is ours

Bears of nature conservationists in our nature are, like other large animals, traits and wolves. "Beskydy is the only place where the three animals live here, while the wolf and the rhythm can be seen elsewhere, the bear can only be regularly traced in the local forests coming from Slovakia Rys ostrovid, brown bear and wolf are protected in The Czech Republic Because of their natural long-term presence, the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area is one of the most important sites for large animals in Europe, "said Karolína Šulová of AOPK ČR.

The second bear lives according to experts in Velké Karlovice in Vsetín, but he is hidden in the forest. In Slovakia this is estimated at about 1200 bears.

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