The British occupation in 1968 shot in Prague from the toppled delivery

Chris Rooney from Liverpool went to Prague in August 1968 as a friend.
He was so unexpectedly at the center of the events that he was chasing him
fear. Yet he did not hesitate to photograph occupiers and barricades
Wenceslas Square. CTK photographer captured him during this activity
Libor Hajský. The Rooney image is on the reverse van
under the Czechoslovak flag, became one of the most famous
to record the events of August 1968. That he was a man
Caught in the van, Rooney signed just before the 50th anniversary
occupation. CTK has also provided its unpublished and short photos

"On the 21st of August, like thousands of people in Prague,
the awesome sounds of Russian military aircraft flying low
about the city at high speed. The mother of my girlfriend did not want me to do that
He left the apartment, but I went outside. I wanted to see it
barricades, "he described the day of the occupation of Rooney, who himself had four
movies, which means 48 photo's. Only a few of them did that
stayed. "I was very scared at the time, I've never been anything before
he has not experienced such a thing. Two or three Russians tried to take my camera,
but I did not give them to him, "Rooney said
fears that the photos that he makes can cause complications in the family.
She asked her to give her the films. She said she knew someone who
it is free to call me. But I had a suspicion that the photos that she had
I will never see again. So I only gave her films from the Rožňava camp and left behind three of the protests in Prague, "the photographer said.

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