The budget for the year would be $ 40 billion

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Schillerov said in the TV channel that it was possible to adjust the macroeconomic forecast in July and to swallow the current revenue, so they discovered that the shortage would be no, it was not to be expected. The minister may ask for more than half of the salary and social security contributions. Therefore, according to Schiller, it would not be a shortage.

By the end of August, I had to pass on the budget to the eKlep system and decided to break the deficit by 40 billion kroner, said Schillerov.

The initial deficit of fifty billion for the 2019 budget was presented in June. Today, the total income was 1,432,000,000 crowns, about 117.1 billion more than in the Latvian decree. The costs should be 1.482 trillion. The current parameters of the current draft budget, which would have a deficit of 40 billion, were introduced by Schillerov into the large-scale information system by the end of August.

President Eva Zamrazilov, the National Council Councils, said that at the height of economic growth, where the Czech Republic is in first place, it would expect a balanced budget. However, the Minister of Finance is not in a light position in the cabinet, because all ministers have constantly drawn their hands and want to go to the ministries for their ministries.

around the Ministry of Finance, balancing these demands to make money for this year, for the year and for the future, Zamrazilov added.

Niedermayer: does not it creep into the cr?

On the other hand, MEP and former vice-governor of the National Bank Ludek Niedermayer found that the deficit was 40 billion, not the maximum, and that he was not responsible for public funding. I fear that the government will not get enough of it.

It is as if it is not a matter of how to develop the budget, but what it would mean for the ball, but what he did with fuller preferences changed Niedermayer.

According to her, the bubble of the bubble, when there is something else about the pope, will not happen in the business. According to Niedermayer, the deviation from the entire discrepancy must be disputed, for example the reversal of the economy. It was remembered that the deviation last year was one million crowns. It goes without saying that the deputy speaks about the construction of roads, but that this does not result.

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