The case of Kramny will appear in court in September, the murderer of a woman and her daughter ask for a new case

Petr Kramny at the regional dish in Ostrava, who sent him to jail for 28 years for killing his wife and daughter during a summer vacation in Egypt in 2013. (January 7, 2016)

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The court will discuss the request for reopening of the proceedings on 11 September in a private session.

"The question of public or non-public treatment of the procedure for the renewal of the procedure is regulated by law and falls under the discretion of the court," said Jiří Barč, spokesperson for the regional court in Ostrava.

Information on the submission of the proposal was communicated to the media at the end of July by Václav Peričevič of the Association for support to the independent judge, Solomon, who has been campaigning for Kramni's law for a long time.

"Solomon did not see a reasonably strong motion for the recovery of the case for 25 years of his activity," said Perićevič, vice president of the association, at the end of July.

Petr Kramny, Jan Rejžková of the portal, however, did not comment on the details of the proposal.

Kramny was convicted of the death of his wife and daughter during a holiday in an Egyptian hotel in 2013. He was convicted on the basis of indirect evidence, but according to the judge, he forms a coherent chain whose articles follow and support themselves.

Video from the trial with Kramny (5/2016):

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